“We are watching every step taken by Greek Cypriots and Greeks”


President Dr. Dervis Eroglu stated that every step taken by Greek Cypriots and Greeks are being watched and necessary evaluations are made moment to moment together with Turkey.

Eroglu reiterated his call to the Greek Cypriot side to return back to the  negotiation table  instead of creating  tension and later  trying to take advantage of it.

Reminding that there is a Continental Shelf Limitation Agreement  between Turkish  Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey, Eroglu stated that Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa’s operations are  within the scope of authority transfer made to Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) by the government and  declaration of  this as  illegal by Greek Cypriot side  conflicts with the realities. Saying “Our people should not worry”, Eroglu emphasised that security, welfare and happiness of Turkish Cypriot people are safeguarded and the efforts are continuing for protecting their rights without deviating from the peaceful vision in favour of an agreement.

TCG Gelibolu protects Barbaros

TCG Gelibolu has fulfilled the mission of guardianship for Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa Search Vessel which performs  research  activities at the areas  permitted by the TRNC  government to TPAO.   TCG Bafra which was on duty at the Mediterranean  Shield Movement,  carried out the mission of monitoring the Bahama flagged Saipem-10000 platform vessel  from a distance of 5 nautical miles which is performing drilling activities within the so called Exclusive Economic Zone of South Cyprus.

President Eroglu sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

President DervişEroğlu sent a letter to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon regarding the latest developments in Cyprus.

President  Eroğlu asked the Secretary General  to use his mission  of good offices and facilitate  the return of the Greek Cypriot side to the negotiation table without any preconditions, in order to reach a just, sustainable and negotiated solution.

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2 Comments to “We are watching every step taken by Greek Cypriots and Greeks”

  1. north american says:

    so what was the point of a joint decleration for a BI-COMMUNAL, FEDERATION WITH A SINGLE SOVERINGTY, when all you try to persue Mr. Eroglu is for PARTITION?

    No other country in the world recognizes you. Dont you get it? Give it up.

  2. Alistair & Kathy says:

    Dear “North American,

    Please read the history of the Island of Cyprus, the history that has not been politically “airbrushed” by the Greeks. Or, better still, read “the Genocide Files, Rauf Denkas’s biograpy and The Green line by Soner Koufi!