TRNC cheesed off over Hellim issue


Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry files  cases in Greek Cypriot High Court

Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry files  cases in South Cyprus regarding hellim/halloumi issue (“hellim” in Turkish and ‘halloumi’ in Greek). It is indicated that five cases were filed at the Greek Cypriot High Court. Chairman of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry Ali Çıralı said that the cases were filed  because Turkish Cypriot producers were not involved in the registration process, were not consulted, were not given information and as a result the whole process is not fair for Turkish Cypriot producers.

It was indicated that Greek Cypriot Administration applied to the European Union Protected Destination of Origin (PDO) to register hellim/ halloumi without informing the Turkish Cypriot producers and although Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce demanded to be included a positive response was not given.


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