Toys are not just for children and not just for Christmas.

KARThe dogs at the KAR Rescue Centre are sad and bored. They need you to make them some toys and playthings.

Plastic bottles, old rags/socks tied in a knot, unwanted soft toys are just a few ideas.

The centre is full to bursting and not many of the dogs get a chance to be taken for a walk. Toys and playthings will give them much needed stimulation and fun. A constant supply is needed as they won’t last long with the chewing, throwing about and tug-of-wars that will give them lasting pleasure and make tails wag.

Perhaps you could collect from your friends and neighbours and take a trip up the mountain to give them to the sad incarcerated dogs.

Toys are not just for Christmas and are not just for children.

Flossie, Galaxy, Mardo, Jenna, Alisia, Blue and all their friends NEED YOU to make them happy.

Please visit soon. The centre is open daily 9am – 1pm.



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