Terracotta Treasures of Akdeniz

 148771_773718986008436_3431016470180058289_nThe village of Akdeniz now has its own treasures, created lovingly over the past couple of weeks by several artists, who have created their own ‘Terracotta Warriors’  soldiers from the past who are guardians of the history, which will shortly be on display in a museum at Akdeniz. These figures are all copies of those excavated by Swedish Archaeologists in 1929 of figurines from the Bronze Age.  Half of the originals are to be found in Stockholm and the other half are in the Cyprus Museum in Lefkosia. Following all the hard, caring, artistic work of the artists here in the north, local people will be able to admire their own history on their doorstep. The photographs give some idea of the size of the loving labours and the wonderful art works created over the period of several days, several of which works will be on show at the Bedestan at Lefkosia shortly – date and time to be advised as soon as confirmed. Meanwhile all the works are being baked and when completed, the announcement of the exhibition will be made. This video gives an insight into the place, work and results of this Terracotta Event and was made by Rauf Ersenal, one of the artists and also Board Chairman at Kıbrıs Vakıflar İdaresi/ Cyprus Evkaf Foundation: www.facebook.com

Bedia Kale Work in Progress at Akdeniz Senay Bulug Blueart Mumine Ozdemirag History being remade 10703599_773718902675111_5165719415441887160_n Anil Ersoy and #Rauf Ersenal 10649802_773719102675091_6084982773898625290_n 10603423_773718949341773_4658111842776643648_n

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