Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage


Money pours in to save Cyprus’s ruins

After years of sniping, by both communities on Cyprus, with regard to the decaying fabric of mosques and churches on the ‘wrong’ side of the buffer zone, there is tangible movement in their preservation for future generations. Following the agreement to resume intercommunal talks on 21st March 2008, the representatives of the two leaders agreed to set up a number of working groups and technical committees on a number of issues. This was followed, on 22 April 2008, by the groups and committees starting four months of meetings resulting inRead More

Restoration Project on Apostolos Andreas Monastery starts – at long last

Apostolos Andreas Monastery 2005

With the passing of each year seeing more decay occurring to the fabric and surroundings of the fabled Monastery of Saint Andrew [Apostolos Andreas] at the tip of the Karpasian Panhandle of Cyprus it is pleasing to report that work has, at last, started on the long, long awaited development/renovation project.         Before the Cyprob was born, this monastery was venerated by both Christians and Muslims alike and attracted visitors from the many corners of the island and, in fact, the world. Remember that before the 1950sRead More

Two historic mosques to receive cash injection

The bicommunal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage announced that two mosques, one in Evretou/Evretu and the other in Tserkezoi/Çerkez, are included in new emergency measure projects. Phase 2 of the ‘Support to cultural heritage monuments is of great importance for Cyprus’ project includes both projects as fully funded by the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF). Ali Tuncay, a Turkish Cypriot technical committee member said: “These two mosques follow the first project by the Technical Committee the conservation project to Denia/Denya mosque which wasRead More