St Andreas Monastery


Two months into the St Andreas restoration project

Another view of the restoration work at St Andreas Monastery

This will be the first-ever collaboration between the communities on both sides of the UN-arbitrated Green Line as the Greek Orthodox Church is located in the northern, Turkish Cypriot part of the island. It has taking years for the two communities to agree to this restoration project that will require equal involvement and is seen by some as a test project that hopefully will be extended to other monuments. The creation, in 2008, of the Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage, co-chaired by a Turkish Cypriot and a Greek Cypriot, hasRead More

Tony’s TRNC Newsround

Petrol price peaks above international prices The cost of petrol peaked on 3rd July 2014 before dropping three times to 3.69 TL per litre. According to international markets, the price that we should be paying is 2.82 TL per litre. Turkey is, after Norway, Holland, Italy and Denmark, the ‘5th country with the most expensive petrol’. Fuel prices in north Cyprus are cheaper than those in both Turkey and south Cyprus. But considering that world petrol prices are around $1.28 per litre and North Cyprus pays $1.68 per litre (approx)Read More