Christofias makes a call to Greek Cypriot youth for protest

Former Greek Cypriot leader Dimitris Christofias who blames Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades for distorting the history made a call to the Greek Cypriot youth to protest against Anastasiades’ government. According to Greek Cypriot daily, Fileleftheros, Christofias underlined that fascism is on the rise  due to  economic crisis in the South and made a call to the Greek Cypriot youth to gather around university students movement and protest against the current regime and put  pressure on  Troika.  

Who dares abolish the Archbishop’s name day?

ALL SCHOOLS in the Republic of Cyprus had a holiday last Thursday because it was Archbishop Chrysostomos’ name-day. In 21st century Cyprus children still get a day off school to celebrate a living priest’s name-day. This is not a celebration of a national hero, a great benefactor or some fount of wisdom (the name-days of such people are not honoured), but of an undistinguished priest who managed, through sordid wheeler-dealing, to become head of the Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus. Why are the schools of a supposedly secular state honouringRead More

Number of unemployed people reached 70 thousand in South Cyprus

It has been indicated that the number of unemployed people as of end of October reached 70 thousand in South Cyprus and 81% of them are the Greek Cypriots. Greek Cypriot newspaper Alithia published that Greek Cypriot Rightist Workers Unions (SEK) declared that the number of unemployed people as of end of October reached 70 thousand in South Cyprus. In the statement, union said that 81% of the unemployed people are the Greek Cypriots and defended that the policy of providing jobs for the third country citizens should be amendedRead More

Cameroonian political asylum seeker refused to return to South Cyprus due to violation of human rights

It has been reported that a Cameroonian refugee who has escaped from South Cyprus due to bad treatment asked for political asylum from Belgium and after Belgium’s decision to send her back to South Cyprus she   refused to return due to  violation of human rights. Greek Cypriot Alithia newspaper reported that Cameroonian political asylum seeker said  she was brought to South Cyprus with certain promises however she was forced to prostitution and arrested and assaulted by the police  and there was no translator to enable her to communicate with anyoneRead More

Greek Cypriots show strong response to UK, Sweden and Finland

It has been reported that the Greek Cypriot Administration showed a strong response to the UK, Sweden and Finland for the prevention of sending of a ‘note’ by the EU to the UN in relation to the Turkish activities in the so called Exclusive Economic Zone of South Cyprus. Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros reported that the content of the note is ‘very harsh and strong’ and the ‘main actor’ of this issue is London. According to the paper Greek Cypriot government Spokesman Nikos Hristodulidis made a statement and said thatRead More

Mayor of Paphos under arrest

According to the Greek Cypriot press, the Mayor of Paphos Savvas Vergas has been under arrest due to trying to throw police off track and sending messages of threat regarding Aristo land scandal case from the telephone bought by him and used by one of Paphos Municipality staff. Vergas faces charges of conspiring to commit a felony, conspiring to commit a misdemeanor, sending written death threats, interfering with a court procedure and sending harmful texts.

Is Anastasiades using an excuse for his unilateral withdrawal from talks?


Does RoC president still think he governs the whole island? Is he saying that he will not talk to Eroğlu until Turkey obeys him? It was announced earlier this week by Cyprus News Agency [CAN] and Cyprus Mail that the Greek Cypriot President of the Republic of Cyprus [RoC], Nicos Anastasiades, has pulled out of talks with the Turkish Cypriot President Derviş Eroğlu for the time being. The announcement was made by AKEL leader Andros Kyprianou after a meeting at the palace with South Cyprus political party leaders. The island’sRead More

Greek Cypriot Supreme Court refuses the application on Bayram Holidays in English School

Greek Cypriot Supreme Court refuses the application made by the parents of the Turkish Cypriot students who study in English School in South Cyprus, to respect Bayram holidays. The Turkish Cypriot parents demanded that the first day of Bayram’s be given a holiday as it was before 2013-14 school year. Greek Cypriot Supreme Court after it examined the case decided that “English School is not considered a public institution or department. Although education constitutes public interest it does not make English School a public institution or department”.