Random Ramblings

A few days ago, preparing for a social evening with friends I opened, well, “tapped” I suppose, a 5 litre box of wine.  This action, compounded with a recent viewing of Simon Reeve’s travelogue about Australia, set my little brain into contemplation mode about how my, and, I presume other peoples, attitude to wine has changed over the recent decades. “When I were a lad” in Rhodesia, bars and shops were stocked mainly with beers and spirits, but very few wines, despite neighbouring South Africa being a major wine producer. Read More

RBL Remembrance Activities

RBL REMEMBRANCE ACTIVITIES It is now close to the period of the year when remembrance is foremost in our minds and the RBL Kyrenia Branch has been busy preparing the Old British cemetery in Girne for the occasion. Chairman Brian Thomas said: “This will by far our busiest remembrance weekend since the formation of our branch in October 2011, two years after the British Cyprus Memorial was erected and a project that myself and our Vice-Chairman Les Evans were intimately involved with. The branch are honoured to be involved withRead More