One fine day and one fine poppy walk

The 2014 Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal kicked off last weekend with a Poppy Walk attracting nearly 150 walkers. Organiser Rachael Lyes said: “Considering the foul weather just an hour prior to the walk commencing we were delighted with the turnout. 140 walkers completed the first 5Kms and a further 35 then went on to do another 5Km lap. The entry fees raised 1,470TL, sponsorship a further 1,350TL and the raffle 540TL, so all in all the event raised almost exactly £1,000 towards the Appeal. We would like to thank Read More

A million men or more !!!

So what is a poppy all about? A pretty red flower growing wild in fields in the countryside, or something you see every year around November time, or a symbol of support for British troops, who have either fallen or been maimed in the protection of our world. All of the above are correct in their own way, but the latter is what the red poppy is all about. They gave up their lives to defend their families and protect the world they knew. The Royal British Legion Kyrenia BranchRead More

RBL Remembrance Activities

RBL REMEMBRANCE ACTIVITIES It is now close to the period of the year when remembrance is foremost in our minds and the RBL Kyrenia Branch has been busy preparing the Old British cemetery in Girne for the occasion. Chairman Brian Thomas said: “This will by far our busiest remembrance weekend since the formation of our branch in October 2011, two years after the British Cyprus Memorial was erected and a project that myself and our Vice-Chairman Les Evans were intimately involved with. The branch are honoured to be involved withRead More