Kyrenia Animal Rescue


Toys are not just for children and not just for Christmas.

The dogs at the KAR Rescue Centre are sad and bored. They need you to make them some toys and playthings. Plastic bottles, old rags/socks tied in a knot, unwanted soft toys are just a few ideas. The centre is full to bursting and not many of the dogs get a chance to be taken for a walk. Toys and playthings will give them much needed stimulation and fun. A constant supply is needed as they won’t last long with the chewing, throwing about and tug-of-wars that will give themRead More

Xmas is a coming and the geese are getting fat – please put some money in Santa Bobs hat.

Bob Betts (Kim’s, from the KAR office, other half) who braved the icy sea off of Kerveransary beach last Christmas Day in aid of KAR is joining a group of like minded (mad !!) Catalkoy residents, who are having a Christmas dip at Shayna Beach Club in Catalkoy this year. Because Christmas is all about giving and sharing the group of Catalkoy residents will be pooling all of the money they receive in sponsorship and it will be split between 3 charities – Kyrenia Animal Rescue, Tulips and The KarakumRead More

A Story from the Offices of KAR

A little light relief from the usual onerous duties Here follows a little tale (as opposed to the usual stories of tails) to bring a smile to the face of readers:-   A very true Hotline call from a tourist ; T – Hello can you help us with this dog. We are in Kyrenia and it is in terrible trouble. We don’t know what to do ? KAR – what seems to be the problem ? T – well its in the road and it is very scared –Read More

The best and biggest Bonfire and Firework Display … so far

Saturday 1st November started with torrential rain and wind that resulted in the Lambousa Saturday Market being a washout. But, like so many days here in North Cyprus, the bad weather soon petered out with the sun coming through to dry the Bonfire and Firework Display site at Lambousa Market resulting in a brilliant evening for the hundreds who turned up.       To entertain the crowd before the show started, the organiser, Gordon Kent, had arranged for an artiste, Christina, to appear with a variety of crowd thrillingRead More

No Punch and Judy this, but ‘That’s the way to do it.’

The recent International Animal Welfare Conference which took place in Istanbul recently, with delegates from twenty seven countries, provided some very interesting facts on animal care globally. Representatives of Kyrenia Animal Rescue attended, and a report will (hopefully) follow later .  One of the countries where much is happening regarding animal welfare is India, Luke Gambel of W.V.S is conducting a ‘Mission Rabies’  and where 60,000 dogs were vaccinated in 28 days in 12 locations across India. Read all about it on Where for many years, and still today,Read More

An SOS from KAR – help on two fronts needed

Help for Dogs at Rescue centre, and help for the Rescue Centre itself. First is an SOS for Sam and Scruff – they need your help.  “Two dogs named Sam (a GSD) and Scruff (a cross GSD) have had to be taken in at the KAR Rescue Centre following the sad death of their owner Mike Alican.  Unfortunately Mike had not made any prior arrangements for the dogs welfare and there were no family members willing to give them a home. An appeal for funds to help pay for SamRead More

KAR Kennel’s Happy Tails

This week’s happy tale/tail from Kyrenia Animal Rescue is the story of Carla and straight from the pen of Kim Betts is the success story which was two years in the making. It would seem that two of the things that KAR and its workers has had to acquire over the years is hope and patience. They always are full of hope that these gorgeous animals will find homes and families, and exercise the patience to believe it will all happen at the appointed hour!  And so here is Carla’sRead More

Coffee Cup Conversations

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” Words taken from a post from a very popular and relatively new Facebook group called Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus. If, like me, you enjoy browsing through the various social media sites available on the World Wide Web then you may have seen messages and photos postedRead More

Jacqueline Jones – new take off time

It’s Today (Thursday) Last chance to support Jacqueline – and KAR Last week it was reported that “Local dog lover and Kyrenia Animal Rescue supporter Jacqueline Jones will be reaching a milestone in her life on Tuesday 30th September – her 70th birthday. To make it a really stupendous day Jacqueline is to jump off Saint Hilarion Mountain in order to raise cash for the TRNC registered animal charity. She will be jumping with Highline Airtours so will be in a tandem situation with one of the company’s operatives. TheyRead More

4th October is ‘World Animal Day’ and TRNC Celebrates too

It is wonderful to see that many people and groups are celebrating World Animal Day and here in Northern Cyprus it is no different. All is being done to try to improve awareness of the need of animals and to make people more aware of animal rights.   One of the largest animal charities Kyrenia Animal Rescue is using the moment to remind everyone how there is a need to think of all street animals and how some are loved and cared for and others are not so lucky.   TheRead More

From Bellapais to Hants – Lucky Lucy has Lady Luck on her side

This week we bring you the second good tail/tale from Kyrenia Animal Rescue – Lucky Lucy. This is a case of adoption and shipment as Lucy was rescued from the streets of Bellapais and travelled by plane to a new home in U.K. – something that has only fairly recently become an option for northern Cyprus animals. Once again, Kim Betts, a worker with KAR tells the story of how Lucky Lucy had Lady Luck on her side, and is now enjoying the green, green (slightly wet) grass of U.K.:Read More

Definite discussions with Positive proposals – municipality Mayors and KAR working together on ‘street dogs’

Progress with puppies, success with solutions for  street dogs,   neutering now, compounds for caring, hope for the homeless,  and every aspect of the street dog problem in both municipalities of Girne and Alsancak has taken giant strides forward following discussions between the respective Mayors and Kyrenia Animal Rescue. Margaret Ray, the Chairman of K.A.R is delighted to report that meetings with Mayors Nidai Gungordu of Girne and Firat Ataser of Alsancak have resulted in the beginning of a solutions to the ongoing problems of street dogs, whose existence on theRead More

Seventy years young and flying high for four legged friends.

Peggy Carmichael takes to the sky for K.A.R. The craze is not so much treating yourself to an exhilarating experience up in the sky, ever-so high, paragliding with this handsome man as your ‘safety blanket’ but it is also being done to help others. To date several people have enjoyed (if initially somewhat terrified) this experience including Peggy MacAlpine who to date is the oldest person on the island to have ‘flown’ with Ozgur. Each person has their reasons, and for many it has been the celebration of a specialRead More

Fatma’s Latest Fancy

Fatma of Lapta is better known for her great ability to bake delicious cakes emanating from her kitchen and which are known as ‘Fatma’s Fancies’, which adorn (for only a very short while), tea tables, birthday parties, wedding receptions  and many other social occasions. In fact it is her pet hobby. But she has other pet hobbies too, and that is caring for animals.  The number is constantly rising as her big heart leads her to another ingredient in her recipe for happiness at home. Recently she said she wouldRead More

Blue Cross Sale time at KAR shops

A chance to grab a bargain is on offer at both Kyrenia Animal Rescue Shops’ From Monday 22nd September both shops – Gladrags in Karakum and the Girne shop (near the Fire Station) will have a couple of rails of selected ladies summer clothing (tops, skirts, dresses and trousers) reduced to half price. KAR advises the special offers should continue for approximately 4 weeks. New stock will be added every day so as they say ” please come along and get yourself a bargain!” Any queries on KAR can be answeredRead More

KAR Draw

Impatient to discover if you have won in the Super Summer Draw organised by Kyrenia Animal Rescue? If you can’t wait for the report after the event, then roll on down to Kyrenia’s Pia Bella Hotel on Wednesday 10th September at 5p.m. and you could be the first to find out if you have a winning ticket. Even if your ticket does not come out of the barrel, there is a consolation prize of tea and coffee for all the supporters of the event, supplied by the Pia Bella Hotel.Read More