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This and that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   1. Joseph Smith founded a religious sect in 1830 – what is it called? 2.Where would you find a ‘Martingale’? 3. The Lord Chamberlains Men were a theatrical company – who was their first famous member? 4.What presentation did the people of France make for the 100th anniversary of American Independence? 5. What is the anatomical name for your shoulder blade? 6. Who was captain of the fictional submarine ‘Nautilus’? 7. Who originated the Penny Post? 8. Which famous man’s ancestors lived at Sulgrave Manor inRead More

KibKom Kwiz

This week, is entitled ‘This and That’ 1          Who designed the bouncing bomb used  by the Dambusters? 2          Which group of people were emancipated in Britain in 1829? 3          What mythological creature was half man and half horse 4          Who was the world’s first woman Prime minister? 5          Who or what is the Witch of Wookey? 6          What fruit is used to make kirsch? 7          On what river does Dublin stand? 8          What unique find was made by a shepherd boy in Wadi Qumran? 9          What is campanology? 10        WhatRead More