Eroğlu: “Reactions against the Greek Cypriot footballer’s transfer is another example of Greek Cypriot fanaticism”

Eroğlu: “Reactions against the Greek Cypriot footballer’s transfer is another example of Greek Cypriot fanaticism”  President Eroğlu stated that opposition of a group in South Cyprus against the Greek Cypriot footballer who will play football in TRNC is yet another example showing Greek Cypriot fanaticism. Eroğlu also expressed that embargo on sports is meaningless. Stating that although Cyprus problem was created by the Greek Cypriots, they are accepted in the  European Union and Turkish Cypriots are left to live under embargoes. Eroğlu pointed out that in order to improve themselvesRead More

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THE INDEPENDENT A write mess: How art was turned to ‘graffiti’ by hot Welsh weather It was supposed to be a temporary celebration of Snowdonia and its local sheep-farming communities but a 100-foot mural of a poem painted onto a cliff face that was supposed to come off in the rain, has now been described as nothing more than ‘graffiti’ after it became ‘cooked on’ after a hotter than expected summer. The Gathering/Yr Helfa was staged by the National Theatre of Wales (NTW) over three days last month on theRead More

Barcelona Sports Club’s Former President Laporta: “Turkish Cypriot youth should have the right to compete in the international arena”

Spain’s Barcelona Sports Club’s Former President and Spain’s Autonomous Region Catalonia’s former MP Joan Laporta stated that Turkish Cypriot youth should have the   right  to compete in international arena. Meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports,  Serdar Denktaş and the President of  the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation,  Hasan Sertoğlu, Laporta said that it was difficult to understand the isolations imposed on the Turkish Cypriots in the field of sports and added that a great injustice is  done to the  Turkish Cypriot youth .Read More