Greek Cypriot footballer branded traitor for joining North Cyprus league, as Sertoğlu urges FIFA to intervene

Dimitris Vasiliou

Promising football developments in Cyprus came to a sudden halt when a young Greek Cypriot footballer was branded a traitor and prevented from making his debut for his new Turkish Cypriot team on Saturday. Last week, Dimitris Vasiliou made history when he signed for first division side Değermenlik, becoming the first Greek Cypriot player in the Turkish Cypriot league. He was expected to play for his new club at the weekend in a match against Hamitköy. However, a massive backlash from nationalists in South Cyprus, who had surrounded his home,Read More

President of CTFF Sertoğlu: “We couldn’t not overcome our problems with KOP, FIFA and UEFA should interfere.”

President of the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation Hasan Sertoğlu expressed that they are facing some problems with the Greek Cypriot Football Federation (KOP), with which they signed an agreement for the sake of uniting football in Cyprus and made a call to UEFA and FIFA to interfere in order to overcome these problems. Stating that he sent a letter to UEFA and FIFA and invited them  to be part of the process, Sertoğlu added they had no dialogue with KOP recently other than some correspondence. Sertoğlu also said that the dialogueRead More

Cyprus Football Association no idea yet how to deal with expected TC registrations

At its AGM on Tuesday the chairman of the Cyprus Football Association [CFA], Costakis Koutsokoumnis, said that before the end of the year he expects the first wave of Turkish Cypriot arrivals into the island’s governing body for football. A provisional agreement was signed at FIFA headquarters in Zurich earlier this year with Hasan Sertoglu, president of the Turkish Cypriot Football Association [CTFA]. “We expect the Turkish-Cypriots to begin making their requests to the join the CFA by the end of the year,” Koutsokoumnis told CFA members. “This is somethingRead More