RoC says 170-200 Cypriot-plated pickups used in IS Militants after passing over Green Line

Reading an online report on http://basnews.com/ I was staggered to read this headline: IS Militants Using Cypriot Cars in Operations Pishtiwan Jaf BasNews, Athens The article stated that ‘Concern has arisen among security services in Cyprus after they received information that IS Militants are using cars with Cypriot number plates in the war in Syria and Iraq. According to Greek Media, between 170-200 pickups are being used by IS as mounts for heavy machine guns. But the question remains as to how IS militants were able to transport the vehiclesRead More

Famagusta Pati Paws: “Imagine sleeping outside in your pyjamas on a cold night on a cold floor”

Cold dogs in Famagusta kennels.

Who and what is Pati Paws? As one can well imagine it is connected with our four legged friends, and a full article on who they are, why they started and what are their aims will be given next week. But for them the 1st October came with gifts galore for the group of friends in Famagusta who care for strays in a compound in Famagusta. An appeal for help had been put out asking for anything to keep the animals warm, fed and happy. The call was answered by peopleRead More

A visit to the North Cyprus of yesteryear – 1995

Upon returning to the UK following a holiday in North Cyprus in November 1994 we showed our video and photos to many friends – probably bored them, if the truth is to be told – and two friends, Joan and David Gummer, decided to visit the TRNC the following November. Then, following their return, we watched their video and David was generous enough to allow me to copy it. This allowed me later to take a number of photos (video grabs) from it, that now make interesting viewing. A shortRead More