A very happy tail is the tale of Reggie

Kyrenia Animal Rescue’s challenges sometimes get completely overwhelming and the dedicated team of volunteers sometimes almost despair, especially when there are instances such as the other week when the kennels at Arapkoy were broken into, and Coco, one of the dogs, has completely disappeared.   Then there are the stories which encourage and make all the challenges worth while  In the next few weeks, KAR  will be sharing some of those tales which are success stories of some of the tails which are now wagging more fiercely than before.  Our first storyRead More

Do you recognise this dog?


This friendly pooch was found at the side of the road at Catalkoy at the beginning of the week. Looks as if has been in a bit of a scrape. Injuries to his back end and cuts to his neck, as if perhaps he had too tight a chain around his neck at some time. Kyrenia Animal Rescue are caring for him at the moment, and the good news is that they discovered he has a microchip, so someone must own him. But who? The bad news is that theRead More

A reminder that giving blood saves lives! A hero needs a home!

Seven year old ‘Junior’ was in a bad way, and needed an urgent blood transfusion. Help was at hand, and thanks to ‘Turner’, Junior is now doing well and once again enjoying life. So reports Kyrenia Animal Rescue , for the seven year old is a Boxer Dog, and the blood donor Turner, is a resident at Arapkoy. It all began with an emergency call from Petcross Vet Clinic with a ‘Can KAR help?’  “We have a dog that needs an urgent blood transfusion.” and owner Veli Teker wanted toRead More

Fatma’s Latest Fancy

Fatma of Lapta is better known for her great ability to bake delicious cakes emanating from her kitchen and which are known as ‘Fatma’s Fancies’, which adorn (for only a very short while), tea tables, birthday parties, wedding receptions  and many other social occasions. In fact it is her pet hobby. But she has other pet hobbies too, and that is caring for animals.  The number is constantly rising as her big heart leads her to another ingredient in her recipe for happiness at home. Recently she said she wouldRead More

Where oh where is poor Coco?

 Dog missing from KAR In an incredible reversal of normal happenings at the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Centre at Arapkoy, instead of dogs being dumped they have been released. As a spokesperson for KAR says “Some despicable people came up to the rescue centre last night and let out some of the dogs. All are accounted for except one. Coco, a small brown and white pointer is missing and we fear that she might have been stolen. ” Coco was deemed to be a fortunate dog, as she was due toRead More