“If the Greek side is devoted and sincere to reach a federal partnership, it should act to make it possible’’


President Derviş Eroğlu emphasised  that Turkish Cypriot side is at the negotiation  table, however the  time for Greek Cypriot  side to decide what they want has already passed and  added that  “if they are devoted and sincere  to reach  a federal partnership, they should act in that direction to  make it possible” At the speech he gave on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the declaration of  TRNC, President Eroğlu stated that one of the happiest days of Turkish Cypriots is 15th of November 1983. Eroğlu said that “itRead More

Current opportunity should be evaluated

Vice President of Atlantic Council, a US based think tank, Damon Wilson said that there is a special window of opportunity for the solution of the  Cyprus problem and this opportunity should be evaluated. At a meeting with a group of journalists from both sides of the island that took place at  the Cyprus Community Media Center (CCMC) in the buffer zone, Wilson said that US Vice President Joe Biden knows and follows the Cyprus issue very well. Adding that US President Barack Obama is also interested in the CyprusRead More

Coffee Cup Conversations

When you meet someone for the first time, the first few minutes have a great influence on how we perceive that person. We only get one chance to make the right impression. The warm and colourful persona of Mo Davies hit me like a breath of fresh air the instant we met and shook hands. Her short hair tinted mauve, her large earrings and warm smile announce her presence in the room. My recent meeting with Mo was in regards to the “Heart N Art” art exhibition that she isRead More

New Castle cutout knight fools Daily Mail into print photos of a ‘ghost of St Hilarion Castle’

Under the headline ‘Ghostly figure appears in THREE holiday snaps taken by couple at Cyprus castle where traitors were thrown to death’, an article appeared in the Daily Mail online on 7 November 2014 written by India Sturgis that can be read at here. The day after his sister Janis’ wedding in October, 62-year-old Michael Holmes and his wife Wendy, 51, from Buckingham chose to visit St Hilarion Castle perched on the side of the Kyrenia Range overlooking Kyrenia and the Mediterranean Sea. During their long hike up the steepRead More

As Cypriots view the world

Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu: “We shall move within the given rules of engagement”

Regarding tension arising from South Cyprus, Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces, Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu, said: “Rules of engagement have been conveyed by the Prime Ministry to the Office of Commander in Chief and by the Chief of Staff to the Commander of Naval Forces. In case of any conflict we will move within the given rules of engagement.” Bostanoglu said that they are closely and carefully watching all the developments in and around the seas and mainly in the Eastern Mediterranean. Bostanoglu said: “Turkish Naval Forces has been closelyRead More

The Cyprus Carousel – or – Have we been here before?

Opinion by Tony Woods Part way through 2005 – almost ten years ago – I joined the then young and fresh tabloid the Cyprus Observer, a newspaper started, owned and initially edited by idealist Hasan Erçakica the spokesperson for CTP President Mehmet Ali Talat. Each week he presented his readers with his opinions and reflections on the ‘Cyprus Problem’, using information gained both from his privileged position and from his insight into Cypriot politics. In 2006 all his articles that had appeared from Issue 1 of 22-28 July 2005 toRead More

Could the design of a storm within the Green Line ever work?

The first prize in the UIA-HYP Cup 2014 International Student Competition in Architectural Design was recently won by Stefanos Theodorou, a Cypriot fifth year student of architecture at Finland’s Aalto University, working with Biel Susanna Viladot from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Knowing that there is a shortage of water on Cyprus and a separation between the island’s two communities, Stefanos believes that they have made a statement through architecture with their project entitled The Unexpected STORM in Nicosia, Cyprus. Theodorou personally researched the Green Line last summer and theRead More

Random Ramblings


One of our Turkish-Cypriot friends recently visited a friend of hers who lives in our capital city, Lefkoşa.  While there her friend told her that a number of saplings had recently been planted in a local park.  As most trees are, compared with the life span of human beings, long-lived, the planting of a tree is an environmental salute to the wellbeing of future generations of human beings.  Indeed, this eco-friendly action is even more laudable if the trees planted are either of a local variety, or if not, stillRead More

“Rate of reaching remains of missing at excavations has fallen to 12%”

Turkish Cypriot member of the Missing Persons Committee Küçük : “Rate of reaching remains of missing at  excavations has fallen to 12%” Turkish Cypriot member of the Missing Persons Committee Gülden Plümer Küçük said that the rate of success at the excavations in the project which has been going on  for the last 8 years kept falling with time due to the death of witnesses and geographic changes and added that the   rate of reaching remains at excavations which was around 50 % in the  previous years fell to 12%.Read More

A new flag for Cyprus??? Do we need it, and why?


As long ago as 2003, the United Nations held an open competition for the design of a new flag for a united Cyprus.  For some strange reason, never explained, no winner was ever announced, and the entire matter disappeared. Nothing more was said at all. For designers, Jenny Stevens and Ernest Fasanya, this was an interesting challenge, and they admit that they submitted a number of entries. To them this was an important matter, especially as Ernest was born in Dhekalia. As Jenny says “Coming across this work again recentlyRead More

The Old Nicosia Revealed photography workshop 25-26th October

The ONR photography workshop funded under the H4C Small Projects Programme, met with intense interest from the community. Do not be sad you missed it because ONR team will be with you with a 2-day workshop on 25-26th October between 10.00-18.00 at the H4C. For details of the workshops visit

Why did the Berlin Wall fall? – Film series about life and society in East Germany in the Eighties

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th 1989 the Goethe-Institut Cyprus in the UN buffer zone in Nicosia presents from 23rd October until 18th December a series of films, which give an insight into East German society in the Eighties, which were characterized by ever growing contradictions between pretentions and reality of the communist regime, finally leading to the peaceful revolution in autumn of 1989 and the reunification of both German states in 1990. Some of the films were stillRead More

Money pours in to save Cyprus’s ruins

After years of sniping, by both communities on Cyprus, with regard to the decaying fabric of mosques and churches on the ‘wrong’ side of the buffer zone, there is tangible movement in their preservation for future generations. Following the agreement to resume intercommunal talks on 21st March 2008, the representatives of the two leaders agreed to set up a number of working groups and technical committees on a number of issues. This was followed, on 22 April 2008, by the groups and committees starting four months of meetings resulting inRead More

Random Ramblings

Thank-you, Nicos Anastasiades, for the best Bayram present EVER! On 7th October (the last day of the four day Islamic Kurban Bayram – Feast of the Sacrifice), the Greek Cypriot President, Nicos Anastasiades, gave the TRNC president, Derviş Eroğlu, the best Bayram present EVER!  He threw all of his toys out of his pram, and then withdrew himself and the rest of the Greek Cypriot team from the Cyprus ”peace” talks! If President Eroğlu were a Christian, and it was December 25th, he would be able to proclaim “yes, Virginia,Read More

A funeral gang in which priests and metropolitan bishops get involved, is revealed in South Cyprus

Greek Cypriot Daily Simerini reported that a gang that handles funerals, in which priests and metropolitan bishops are also involved, came to light in South Cyprus.  The newspaper reported that some metropolitan bishops obtain monthly incomes from private funeral parlours where they provide services to families by performing funeral ceremonies personally or by subcontracting the ceremonies. The newspaper pointed out that the priests make telephone calls to the owners of the funeral parlour, by stating the burial procedures that need to be made by the related department of the church, then they negotiate the price to be charged to theRead More

A visit to the North Cyprus of yesteryear – 1995

Upon returning to the UK following a holiday in North Cyprus in November 1994 we showed our video and photos to many friends – probably bored them, if the truth is to be told – and two friends, Joan and David Gummer, decided to visit the TRNC the following November. Then, following their return, we watched their video and David was generous enough to allow me to copy it. This allowed me later to take a number of photos (video grabs) from it, that now make interesting viewing. A shortRead More

EU heritage prize for buffer zone’s Home for Cooperation

Located in a historic building in the UN-controlled buffer zone in Nicosia, opposite the Ledra Palace Hotel, the Home for Cooperation has been awarded a European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Award for cultural heritage. The Home for Cooperation, launched by the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research in 2011, encourages both communities to engage in historical research, cultural activities, dialogue and peace-building. The European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards is the most prestigious accolade in the cultural heritage sector and covers four areas: conservation;Read More

German Minister of State Roth: “ It is righ time for  a solution”

Germany’s Minister of State in charge of European Union Affairs Michael Roth stressed the importance of reaching a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal solution in Cyprus based on political equality. In an interview before his Cyprus visit that takes place between 17-19 September, Roth called on to both sides in Cyprus to continue to work hard  to bring the negotiations to a success. Stating that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth’s first contacts in the island raised hopes,  Roth said “ it is right time for aRead More

Ruins of the Kingdom & City of Soli

Soli/Soloi is located in the northwestern part of the island, just outside the village of Gemikonağı, on the coast near Lefke beyond Güzelyurt. There is a yellow sign for Soli just after Gemikonağı that indicates that you should turn left, but, as it is not very big, the sign can easily be missed. From the turning, follow the road up past some houses to reach the site located on the lowland slopes near ample parking and a ticket office, where you will receive literature about the site. The ruins, made upRead More