Cyprus Negotiations


Foreign Minister Nami met with Pittella

Foreign Minister Özdil Nami met a week last Wednesday with Gianni Pittella, President of the European Parliament Socialists and Democrats Group, within the framework of his contacts in Brussels. Foreign Minister Nami informed Pittella that the Cyprus negotiations have reached an impasse with the withdrawal of the Greek Cypriot leader from the negotiating table, and called on the European Union to take initiatives to enable the negotiations on the Island to recommence. Nami further stated that it is unacceptable for the negotiations to be suspended for any reason, that the raised tensionsRead More

President Eroğlu: “Eide’s proposals were not accepted in Ankara as they entail concessions”


President Derviş Eroğlu said that UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide’s proposals to the Turkish Republic were not accepted as they entailed concessions. Eroğlu added that any precondition laid down by Greek Cypriot side will not be accepted because if Turkish Cypriot side accepted then Greek Cypriot side would continue to ask for more concessions and their demands could even go as far as asking for the return of Güzelyurt. Expressing that Greek Cypriot side demanded territory from various places including Karpaz, Eroğlu stressed that Turkish Cypriot side’s principlesRead More

“We are watching every step taken by Greek Cypriots and Greeks”


President Dr. Dervis Eroglu stated that every step taken by Greek Cypriots and Greeks are being watched and necessary evaluations are made moment to moment together with Turkey. Eroglu reiterated his call to the Greek Cypriot side to return back to the  negotiation table  instead of creating  tension and later  trying to take advantage of it. Reminding that there is a Continental Shelf Limitation Agreement  between Turkish  Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey, Eroglu stated that Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa’s operations are  within the scope of authority transfer made to Turkish PetroleumRead More

A new flag for Cyprus??? Do we need it, and why?


As long ago as 2003, the United Nations held an open competition for the design of a new flag for a united Cyprus.  For some strange reason, never explained, no winner was ever announced, and the entire matter disappeared. Nothing more was said at all. For designers, Jenny Stevens and Ernest Fasanya, this was an interesting challenge, and they admit that they submitted a number of entries. To them this was an important matter, especially as Ernest was born in Dhekalia. As Jenny says “Coming across this work again recentlyRead More

Crises are solved at the table

Speaker of the Assembly Siber: “Crises are solved at the table…Greek Cypriots should return to the table”   Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber said if there is a crisis this should be solved at the table and running away from the table will deepen it. Siber pointed out that negative statements made by both sides may create further tension and may drive the communities away from a solution and peace. Siber said: “we want to see this crisis ending and with the active role of the UN, resumption ofRead More

Turkish Foreign Ministry reacted to the decision of the Greek Cypriot side not to participate in the Talks of the UN negotiation process

Turkish Foreign Ministry reacted to the decision of the Greek Cypriot side not to participate in the talks of the UN negotiation process which resumed on 11 February 2014. In the Ministry’s statement it was stressed that  the Cyprus problem cannot be settled only through the  efforts of the Turkish Cypriot side and guarantor Turkey. It is also said in the statement that, “The attempts of the Greek Cypriot Administration to unilaterally make use of the natural resources of the Island, motivated by the illusion that it is the soleRead More

Bozkır : “We certainly oppose to the utilization of natural resources by only the Greek Cypriot Administration”

Turkish Minister of EU and Chief Negotiator Bozkır: “We certainly oppose to the utilization of natural resources by only the Greek Cypriot Administration. This does not abide with equity and also could have negative effects on the Cyprus negotiations process.” Referring to the Turkish progress report which is expected to be announced by the EU on 8 October Bozkır said, Turkey is capable of opening 10 chapters in a few months if the 14 chapters blocked by the Cyprus problem is opened.

Some items of short news

Always the ‘Turkish invasion’ is brought up though that was forty years ago   Ever looking to drag the Republic of Cyprus’s distorted view of the events of 1974 into the international arena, Nicos Anastasiades, President of the Greek Cypriot Republic of Cyprus [RoC] used his speech at an event in his honour in London, hosted by the Greek Cypriot Brotherhood [?], as an opportunity to do just that. He was reporting that he believes that the RoC will be able to exit the bailout programme by the end ofRead More

Lefkoşa Economic Forum reiterates its support to  the negotiation process 

“Lefkoşa Economic Forum”, set up in June with the participation of Chambers of Trade and Industry in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, South Cyprus, Turkey and Greece, made its second meeting in Istanbul and reiterated its support to the  negotiation process  towards  reaching a just and sustainable solution  that has started by two leaders in Cyprus. Members of  the Forum also prepared a proposal list to turn the buffer zone between the  two communities to an unification area rather than  partition area.

Lasting solution in Cyprus is the strategic priority of UN

Ban Ki Moon

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon stated that reaching a lasting solution in Cyprus is more important than ever because of great turmoil in the region. Secretary General Ban met with his newly appointed Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide. The meeting was closed to the press. According to the statement obtained from the Spokesmanship of the UN General Secretariat, Ban emphasized that UN will continue to give full support in order to achieve a comprehensive solution in Cyprus. On the other hand, Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Özersay stated that ‘UN SecretaryRead More