CMC – Sunday’s golf competition

It was the second of eight games to find the best players to represent the TRNC in Bulgaria next year and was held at CMC. Perfect weather conditions  produced some  high scores for this full handicap Stapleford competition. The winner was Bertan Ercin with 39 points, second was Dilek Talay and in third place was Mehmet Ozari, with Hasan Garabli having the best gross score. Hasan Kasapoglulari had the only two of the game. Federation President,  Soner Yetkili was on hand to thank all the competitors and present the prizes.Read More

CMC Hurma Competition

Sunday at CMC was the Hurma ( date) competition, and the winners were presented with their trophies & a kilo of fresh dates each. The winner, who  overcame the windy weather conditions best was John Eldridge with Caner Barin in second and George Offord third.  

From Drizzle to Dry at CMC for NCF President’s Cup

Last Sunday’s golf at the CMC , Yesilyurt, started with a slight drizzle, which created a bit of a ‘damper’ among the forty three players who took to the greens in the strokeplay competition, the North Cyprus Federation President’s Cup. In no time at all the weather cleared into what was described as ‘nice golfing weather’ and the Cup was won by Phillip Channings. The best gross was won by Hasan Garabli, with Gulay Garbali second and Phil Mitchell third. Brina Flanigan was second best net and David Charman wasRead More

A cooler CMC made for ‘hotter’ golf.

As the weather has got slightly cooler, so the golfers are happier, and enjoy their rounds both on and off the green with greater enthusiasm. Sunday the 14th September ‘s competition at CMC Golf Club at Yesilyurt, which nestles between the local hospital and the shores of the Med, was the Cooper -Brady 4 ball better ball, ( three quarter Stapleford  pairs competition in which the best score from each pair at every hole is recorded ), the winning team having the highest score. Winners were Dave Gerrard & DaveRead More