Toys are not just for children and not just for Christmas.

The dogs at the KAR Rescue Centre are sad and bored. They need you to make them some toys and playthings. Plastic bottles, old rags/socks tied in a knot, unwanted soft toys are just a few ideas. The centre is full to bursting and not many of the dogs get a chance to be taken for a walk. Toys and playthings will give them much needed stimulation and fun. A constant supply is needed as they won’t last long with the chewing, throwing about and tug-of-wars that will give themRead More

RBL Theatre players update.

The RBL Theatre players are sad to announce that the 2014 Pantomime ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’ planned for late November/early December has had to be cancelled forthwith. This is due to unforeseen building work about to be conducted at the Girne Cultural Centre which was to be the venue for the Pantomime. Director Mark Lake, who also wrote the show said: “We are extremely disappointed as a group and are loath to let our audiences down. We are well ahead in our rehearsal schedule and the cast wereRead More