Carole King and Sue Tilt


The pinkest of weekends is NOW – 24th, 25th and 26th October

All this month, the Golden Girls of Tulips, Carole King and Sue Tilt have been organising events to raise awareness and funds for The Help Those with Cancer charity as part of the global ‘Pink’ time as steps along the way to try to help cancer sufferers and to work towards the day when research will find an answer to eliminate this killer disease. Not only they have been organizing, but local restaurants, businesses and schools, banks, supermarkets and more have all been playing their part, and the story isRead More

Four thousand times ‘Burger Off’

A four thousand lira hand over from the Corner House Bar, Ozankoy, to Tulips brought a huge smile on the faces of all those involved with the ‘Burger Off to Cancer’ event. The 10th August was the day when a few willing, large appetite souls accepted the challenge to eat burgers to raise money to try to ‘Burger off’ cancer big time. The fund raising was not confined to overdoses of giant burgers but also a raffle, a horse racing game, and guess the sweets in the jar competition whichRead More