From Bellapais to Hants – Lucky Lucy has Lady Luck on her side

This week we bring you the second good tail/tale from Kyrenia Animal Rescue – Lucky Lucy. This is a case of adoption and shipment as Lucy was rescued from the streets of Bellapais and travelled by plane to a new home in U.K. – something that has only fairly recently become an option for northern Cyprus animals. Once again, Kim Betts, a worker with KAR tells the story of how Lucky Lucy had Lady Luck on her side, and is now enjoying the green, green (slightly wet) grass of U.K.:Read More

A visit to the North Cyprus of yesteryear – 1995

Upon returning to the UK following a holiday in North Cyprus in November 1994 we showed our video and photos to many friends – probably bored them, if the truth is to be told – and two friends, Joan and David Gummer, decided to visit the TRNC the following November. Then, following their return, we watched their video and David was generous enough to allow me to copy it. This allowed me later to take a number of photos (video grabs) from it, that now make interesting viewing. A shortRead More