Shop ’til you drop – a three day occasion to do so in the heart of Kyrenia


Three days of a shopping bonanza in the centre of Kyrenia hit the streets on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the week-end.

Goods for sale at greatly reduced prices took up space on the pavements, as pedestrians enjoyed the freedom of strolling along the centre of the main one way street in Kyrenia, affectionately known as The High Street. Balloons festooned the street, music filled the air and it was a party atmosphere over all three days.


Some motorists were not happy with the traffic jams, long queues, and the inability to reach the High Street through side turnings, but the event was considered a success. Street traders and shop owners reported bumper sales. “We did not take too much money, because of the greatly reduced prices, but we saw many people buying our goods, and have made new customers – so , yes, it was good’ said one of the clothing stores .

For many people it was ‘shop until we drop’ but with refreshments at hand on pavement level, the ‘dropping’ took a little longer as energy levels were topped up with local foodstuffs and drinks.

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