Seventy years young and flying high for four legged friends.

Peggy Carmichael takes to the sky for K.A.R.

The craze is not so much treating yourself to an exhilarating experience up in the sky, ever-so high, paragliding with this handsome man as your ‘safety blanket’ but it is also being done to help others.

To date several people have enjoyed (if initially somewhat terrified) this experience including Peggy MacAlpine who to date is the oldest person on the island to have ‘flown’ with Ozgur.


Back on the ground and smiling

Each person has their reasons, and for many it has been the celebration of a special birthday, many of whom have combined it with getting monies for their favourite charity.

Peggy Carmichael is one of the latter, and on the 17th September took that leap of faith for her 70th birthday. Peggy is from Lincolnshire and is the mother of Libby Main who is well known in the community an d whose idea it was that her mother not only flew to Cyprus with her daughter Diana Brooke from Anglesey, but that she celebrated her 70th birthday with a paraglide session, and to complete the triple of generations, grandson Tomas Main was a part of the event.

So how did Peggy feel, having been talked into such an event? “Well it is far more interesting and exciting than just having a lunch with my daughters!” she said with a smile, adding “And why not? I know that Peggy had done it when she was 100!” She went on to describe her feelings once up “When I got up and looked down, I realise it was a long way down, and I think my pulse rate went up as I went up.”


Ready and able – not sure about the willing



Three generations of ‘Carmichaels’ -mother, daughter and grandson


Up in the sky ever so high

Up in the sky ever so high

Peggy comes to Cyprus periodically to see her family here and share time with them and will be over again next year for as she says “There is a special reason for which I will be wearing a special hat!” “But this year it is all about KAR!” and Peggy explained that she is doing the jump to raise money for Kyrenia Animal rescue. “So far I have raised £300 sponsorship money and there is mjore to come when I am back home, making it about £400 (around 1,500tl). Friends form all aorund the world have sponsored me, – friends I have made through dog shows – and people have been generous giving sums from £5 to £20.”

“Happy belated 70th birthday, Peggy” from KibKom Times” and we all look forward to your return next year in that special hat for that special occasion in June, when we understand thatone of our four legged friends will also be celebrating with you.”

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