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Today, (27th November), in the Rochester and Strood parliamentary constituency in the UK a by-election is taking place.  Nothing remarkable about this event you may say, and I would tend to agree with you.  EXCEPT, I believe that the Prime Minister, Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, has pleaded with non-Tory voters (Labour, Greens and Lib-Dems etc ) to vote for the Conservative candidate, purely and simply to prevent the United Kingdom Party (Ukip) candidate being voted into parliament!

Wow, Mr Cameron, you claim to have been educated at Eton, but you must have attended the same school for democracy that Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe went to!  In other words, you don’t care who gets into parliament providing, of course, to feather your personal nest and boost your time in power, that it is a member of your own party!

A few weeks ago I rambled about why, in a democracy, parliamentary “whips” are needed to try to ensure that members “toe the party line”, which may not necessarily be the same as the wants of the majority of the members constituents

Here is concrete evidence that you, Mr Prime Minister; personally, are prepared to put your own selfish interests over the possible, indeed probable, wishes of the electorate!  With this attitude towards democracy, how can you justify both the verbal and physical assaults that you and the British armed forces made on “undemocratic” leaders such as Colonel Gaddafi of Libya?

While on the subject of Ukip, the likely winners of the Rochester & Strood by-election aren’t these the same people that you called “swivel-eyed loons” not so very long ago?  Even so if many people (even in a by-election) are prepared to vote for Ukip, then isn’t it time that you and your cabinet must take stock and alter the Conservative Party policies to be in line with the wishes of the majority of the electorate?  Or are you really so arrogant and out of touch with the common people?

Another “dodgy” situation that has gone on in dear old Blighty was the possible, or even likely, re-signing (that is re-instatement, not departure!) of the convicted rapist, Ched Evans, recently released from prison, back into Sheffield United Football Club.  However, bowing before “politically correct” pressure, Sheffield United F.C. has told him that he cannot return to his “old” club.

Before continuing with this part of my ramble, I want to make it very plain that I totally abhor the crime of rape.  To a rape victim the crime is (logically) worse than murder!  After all, a murder victim, however brutally murdered has no further feelings after the act.  While a rape victim has memories and mental trauma for the rest of her (or his!) life.

For the information of readers who were, (like myself until a few days ago), blissfully unaware of this event, Mr Evans was convicted of raping a woman in 2011.

My ramble continues on the (in my view) very shaky “moral high-ground” that the hundred thousand or so people who signed a petition against his re-instatement are on.  Whether he is innocent (as Mr Evans claims) or guilty of this offence, legally, he has both “committed the crime and done the time.”  As such, he should have been allowed to return to normal life.  Both the victim and the criminal had consumed quantities of alcohol before the offence, and therefore the judgement of either or both parties would have been impaired before the event.  Nevertheless a “mad” few minutes should not blight a person’s career until the grave.

However, I would certainly support any move to prevent or even allow the disgraced bankers who caused the still ongoing worldwide financial “crash” and crisis from having or returning to normal life!  After all, their cold and calculated greedy actions caused the savings income of common people (like me) to be “raped and pillaged”!

In last week’s edition of the “Kibkom Times” there was a letter from (in her words) a “sixty something” lady who drove into Nicosia on (the Greek Cypriot side) accompanied by two similar aged female companions on 14th November, the day before the TRNC republic day.  She stated that there was a mass of people on the pavement and in the road, which restricted motor traffic to only one lane.  While using the single lane, her (North Cyprus) car registration plate was spotted and people threw missiles (fortunately no heavier than oranges) at her car, and some of them chased her car down the road!

What a terrifying experience for three people, of whatever age, sex or nationality.

The writer learnt from a (presumably) Greek-Cypriot lady in the fabric store (their destination which they reached without further incident) that the demonstration was a protest against the inauguration of the TRNC (31 years ago), and that all schools and universities had closed to enable pupils and students to attend the demonstration!

Pardon?  What government would allow such a thing?  I am sure that the closure of schools and universities must have had government sanction.  Indeed, who initiated the event, unless, of course, it was the government who intended to continue fomenting racial hatred against the Turkish-Cypriots in its younger population?  Perish the thought; I am sure that those sweet, innocent little cutie-pies who live south of the Green Line and therefore can do no wrong in the eyes of the world would be so devious and bigoted!

Two weeks ago part of my ramble was about an old age pensioner  who was arrested and charged for “causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress” in Britain.  Is this statute law purely British, or is it legislation that has been implemented by the European Union?   Are any of my readers legal eagles?  If so, can they find out and, if it isn’t EU legislation, does similar legislation exist in South Cyprus?  If it is possible to bring any of the “mob“, or especially The Greek Cypriot government before the European Court of Justice, what a wonderful “show trial” this would be, if given suitable and widespread press coverage!

Here is a question that will probably never be answered.  If traffic flow was being impeded, for whatever reason, where were the police?  Why didn’t they (if present as they should have been) taken action to protect people who were being bullied and victimised by a mob?  Were they too afraid to act because as they were afraid of future reprisals on themselves or families from their own nationals?

However, let me suggest that such a “protest” day can work to increase the leisure time of students elsewhere in the world.  For example, schools and universities in Britain can close on 3rd July to protest against the inauguration (on 4th July) of the Republic of the United States of America!  Rise up, students and pupils in Britain, claim solidarity and equal rights in line with your Greek-Cypriot brothers and sisters in order to get an extra holiday!

More next week folks!

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