Now we can all ‘vidi’ what ‘Veni Vici’ are up to on Sunday 21st September.

A new challenge, a new idea, and a new way of ‘conquering’ and making a record for the establishment of ‘Veni Vici’ and making a record sum of money for Tulips / Help those with Cancer.


Sue Tilt and Carole King, (the Golden Girls of Tulips) are fully supportive of the owners of Veni Vici Restaurant (Lapta), Richard and Nadine Muller, in their idea of ‘Pasta 1000′. The girls report that “Richard and Nadine have wanted for sometime to organise an event for a local charity and have decided that Tulips will be the charity that benefits from this event, mainly because they have seen quite a few of their customers helped by Tulips.” How to do this? Again, Sue explains “Richard and Nadine decided that they needed a challenge and with this in mind they have come up with the idea of a 12 hour cooking marathon where they want to serve up a minimum of 500 pasta dishes (ideally 1,000 dishes is their target) between 11am and 11pm. We are not sure whether there is a world record for this but if not maybe we can set a TRNC one!”

Who knows this could even get into the Guinness Book of Records but that depends on everyone within striking distance of the restaurant, which is two thirds of a famous Latin phrase which Julius Caesar is reputed to have written in 46BC concerning his victory over the town of Zela (now known as Zile) in Turkey – ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. For now, the restaurant has come (veni) and conquered the taste buds of many of the locals, but no mention of seeing anything (vidi), but now they certainly want to see if they and all locals can rise to this challenge. The Guinness Book of Records would be a great way of sharing the good of Northern Cyprus, the good restaurants, the good food, the good hearts, and the good that Tulips does.

This can be done ONLY by the help of everyone. So all the staff will be donating their services for free that day and therefore they are able to charge only 15TL per dish with 10TL of that going to Tulips. Think of the finance. One thousand dishes at 10tl means 10,000tl to Tulips which means that more people can be helped.

But it is a challenge. One thousand dishes in twelve hours, . With the restaurant holding only a certain number of covers, there is an offer of Take Away, already Steve Sydenham, the well know book seller (a man whose life was based on fast driving, who is now prepared to get in fast and have a table of folk at home “That will save space in the restaurant” he says. So to follow his example, why not have a party at home, and order your dishes

Or better still, have your dishes to eat, and take home several more for the fridge. Just imagine days of no cooking, but a quick trip to the freezer, and your tasty pasta will soon be on the table as a reminder of the way you have helped Tulips and helped Veni Vici to achieve their goal.

With a choice of five dishes, (one being vegetarian) and consisting of penne or spaghetti as the pastas of the day there is variety as well as taste.

To add to the day, the evening will have musical moments, as DJ Mike will provide entertainment, presumably on the theme of Italian moments with the order ‘Manga (Italian imperative ‘eat’) to music’

If you don’t have enough friends to make up a good number, the suggestion from The Golden Girls is “Bring your darts team, or cricket or football, or dance class, or yoga class, or craft group …………anyone.”

There will be photographic evidence of the day – and if all that pasta means not only pounds in the bank but pound s on the waistline, there are slimming clubs to support afterwards!. Maybe one of the slimming clubs would like to break their diets to help mend lives!

Not sure where Veni Vici is Easy to find on the Lapta ‘strip’ very near to Haji Ali Hotel at the beginning of the run of restaurants and hotels .

Maybe one of them would like to copy the Pasta Challenge later, or maybe for just one day take their staff over to help meet the challenge. that Veni Vici will indeed have come and conquered all over again.

You will be able to learn more of this on Can Gazi’s Cup of Conversation next week, as Carole and Sue are out to conquer the air waves to reach out to persuade all to take up the challenge. Be warned – these girls can be very persuasive.

Queries and bookings please to 0392 821 3181 or ring the Tulips number 0548 870 22812.


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