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1. Which British University was the first to admit women to degrees?

2. What unit of Currency is used in Israel?

3. Where would you find Gatun Lake, Gaillard Cut and miraflores Locks?

4. Which British Queen bore fifteen children, none of whom survived?

5. Which two British admirals were shot on their own quarterdeck?

6. Benjamin Franklyn thought of it, and William Willey introduced a bill into the House of Commons but didn’t live to see it implemented. It affects people throughout the world twice a year, including this week. What is it?

7. Who was the Captain of Nelson’s Flagship HMS Victory at Trafalgar October 21st 1805?

8. Which Shakespeare Play contains a scene spoken almost entirely in French?

9. The Battle of Agincourt October 25th 1415 gave rise to what (in)famous gesture of contempt?

10. What Queen of England’s son was in one royal dynasty and her grandson begna another?



Answers for 22nd Oct

1. Senate (Senex is Latin for ‘old man’)

2. Edinburgh

3. Maine

4. Poland

5. Anne Boleyn

6. A grapefruit

7. Croquet

8. Dauphin

9. Sedgemoor Somerset 1685

10. Rodin


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