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Another week of ‘this and that’


1. ‘Sayonara’ means ‘Goodbye’ in which language?

2. Who was the co-author with Marx of the Communist Manifesto?

3. From what fruit was marmalade originally made?

4. What is produced in a ginnery?

5. What does ‘Vodka’ mean?

6. What is the whirlpool situated off the coast of Norway?

7. ‘Schnauzer’ is a breed of what animal?

8. Which former London landmark now stands at Havana City USA?

9. ‘Hircine’ describes which animal?

10. What famous military encounter was described by a French general ‘c’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas la guerre’ (It is magnificent but it is not war!’.)?


Answers for last week 2nd October:-

1. Mormons

2. Between the front legs of a horse. (It is the strap that runs from the bit to the girth.)

3. William Shakespeare

4. Statue of liberty

5. Scapula

6. Captain Nemo

7. Sir Rowland Hill

8. Geroge Washington.

9,. Chromosomes

10.. Iolanthe.


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