KibKom Kwiz

This week, is entitled ‘This and That’

1          Who designed the bouncing bomb used  by the Dambusters?

2          Which group of people were emancipated in Britain in 1829?

3          What mythological creature was half man and half horse

4          Who was the world’s first woman Prime minister?

5          Who or what is the Witch of Wookey?

6          What fruit is used to make kirsch?

7          On what river does Dublin stand?

8          What unique find was made by a shepherd boy in Wadi Qumran?

9          What is campanology?

10        What is the largest organ in the human body?


Answers to last week’s Kwiz:

1          Jim Callaghan              2          Chancellor                   3          Brazil

4          House of Commons      5          Spencer Percival          6          Nicholas Brokespeare

7          The Lizard                   8          Fidelio                         9          Cornwall

10        Fulham

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