K.A.R. meets with other animal workers – sharing and learning

Bakirkoy Shelter 010Margaret Ray and Gwen Cassell as representatives of Kyrenia Animal Rescue attended the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference held earlier in the month at the Grand Cevahir Hotel in Istanbul. This was the sixteenth conference held by The Dogs Trust, U.K.

They were but two of the three hundred delegates from forty one different countries, who had the opportunity of listening over the three days of the conference to twenty seven talks on various subjects and with ten different work shops .

Among the subjects covered were ‘Shelter Building’, ‘Ask the Vet’, ‘Itchy Dog and Cat’, ‘Ten years in a Turkish Municipal Shelter’, ‘Stray Animals – Turkish Perspective’, ‘The Dynamics of Street Dog population Control, ‘Mission Rabies’, ‘From Street to Sofa’, to name but a few!ICAWC Pics 1

There were many highlights during the conference, but a big eye opener was the trip on the first day to a shelter at Bakirkoy Municipal Shelter, where four hundred and fifty dogs plus fifty cats reside, with all costs paid by the Municipality. Margaret Ray reports “All animals were neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and had white numbered ear tags. They also ran a very busy Neuter, Tag and Release programme. “ICAWC Pics 2

Another exceptional part of the event was meeting and speaking to people such as Luke Gamble. Luke is with  WVS and  is running ‘Mission vaccinated 60,000 dogs in 30 days against rabies in India and plan to eliminate rabies by the year 2030. It is an unfortunate fact that one thousand children in India die each day from Rabies.

Another tale that tugged at the heartstrings of the ladies from KAR, was that told by “A wonderful lady from Japan who told us about the six hundred animals she rescued when an earthquake struck and she took in at the centre she had set up near Tokyo.”

This lady is now building a second rescue centre in another part of Japan and deals with those animals left behind when volcanes and earthquakes regularly strike as well as the daily street dog problem.

From Cairo in Egypt, a retired Vet told delegates  how they have to deal with hundreds of dogs coming in from the desert, many of them with rabies. One of the main problems is that due to their religion in Egypt they will not put an animal ‘to sleep’ which makes for dealing with these dogs a greater challenge.

For Margaret Ray and also for Gwen Cassell, the conference inspired them with the many stories of just how animal welfare is dealt with across the globe, and they returned with a deeper understanding of the issue globally, and with renewed vigour and determination in their task in Northern Cyprus.

Their return trip was far from empty handed, as KAR was the proud winners of a Cat Trap and a Cat Basket from SNIP International at the Conference.  “These are now in our Karakum premises and will be put to good use. ” said Margaret, grinning broadly at the thought of their luck .

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Anyone wishing to learn more of the work of KAR or how they can help, is invited to go to their web page at www..kartrnc.org and visitors are welcome to their kennels at Arapkoy to visit the dogs and cats, or adopt or sponsor. Preferably mornings and a telephone call before going is advisable. Full details on their web page.

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