Just for everyone to be aware – beware the hunting season is upon us

Residents of North Cyprus are asked to note that the ‘big game hunting’ season for 2014 will be held between 2nd November until 28th December and hunters will be out in the fields only on Sundays between these dates and also a single Wednesday on the 24th December; a total of 10 days hunting.

Here are maps of areas allocated for hunting and areas closed to hunting: http://www.avfed.com/av-haritalari.php

The season game range is:

Brown Hare (1 per hunter / day) Chukar (5 per hunter / day) Black Francolin (or 5 per hunter / day) Pheasant Wood Pigeon (8 per hunter / day) Rock Pigeon Woodcock Quail Hooded Crow Magpie

A single hunter is not allowed to hunt more than 30 game birds in a single day

The hunting federation takes illegal hunting very seriously therefore if you witness any form of illegal hunting taking place the hotline number to dial is 140

The law is only written in Turkish but to state a few more important points to be aware of;

- it is illegal to hunt within 500m of lakes, reservoirs and rivers – hunting is permitted only between dawn and dusk hours – it is illegal to hunt from inside vehicles – each single hunter is allowed up to 3 game dogs

* Remember: the number to dial for illegal hunting is:140

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