Jacqueline Jones is 3,635tl brave! Jumping for joy after jumping for KAR.

‘I think she is extremely brave!’ said Margaret Ray of Kyrenia Animal Rescue, of Jacqueline Jones, as she accepted 3635tl from her.

The ‘bravery’ was due to Jacqueline having undertaken a paragliding experience to raise money for KAR.

When Margaret was asked if she would do a similar feat the response with a smile was a definite ‘No’.

In spite of requests from several people present at the time, Margaret most definitely could not be persuaded to repeat Jacqueline’s throwing herself off form a great height to raise as tall a sum of money as possible.


Jacqueline admitted that it was hard work getting the sponsorship money, but worth it. “It was beautiful, ” said Jacqueline, admitting that the event although scheduled for her actual 70th birthday, had to be postponed due to the weather, but when she finally did it, she spoke with great pleasure of ‘being in the thermals’. One witty soul present at the hand over of the money, thought Jacquline was speaking about underwear, and was assured that this was one of the technical terms of being up in the sky ever so high!

“Once I was up there it was wonderful, as I had thought it would never happen. When I got the call to go up to St.Hilarion road, there was shooting at the time, and we had to wait, and then it was quite windy, but I was taken out to sea and back again, and at one point my helmet started sliding back due to the wind. And it was wonderful to be up there with the eagles and the buzzards.”

“As I went up I was asked if I had been over the sea, and I replied, yes, 25 years ago I did paragliding from a boat – so off I was whisked to over the briny. Fantastic.”

“It really was hard work getting sponsors, but I was so thrilled that one local man gave me one thousand lira! And I found it so encouraging that this showed how the locals DO care about animals! And then one expat gave me 100tl, so I began to feel really happy.”

In addition to the money, Jacquelien had an edition of Country Living to sell, costing normally £3.99 in U.K or 20tl here, and this was immediatley snapped up by one of the staff at the shop. Plus a bag of dog food was also handed over.

It was beaming faces all round as the hard cash was handed to Margaret Ray, and Ann Bosley, the Treasurer of KAR, and Diana Peek of the committee with a very proud Keith (husband of Jacqueline) smiling, looking on.   When asked what she might do for her 80th in ten years time, there was a pause followed by a smile,   an indication that she would think about it.

In the meantime, Margaret Ray continued to decline the challenge, even though it would be pretty certain she would raise thousands for KAR. “I like my feet on the ground!” she said, “but I really DO appreciate what people like Jacqueline do. She really is brave, and I can’t thank her and Highline Paragliding who sponsored, as well as all the others who gave geneorusly, so that our dogs will have a better life.”

“Don’t forget if you want to visit the kennels, adopt a dog, or help in any way, all the information is on the web site www.kartrnc.org.”

KAR certificate

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