Important Security Announcement about Email and Identity Fraud

Over the last few weeks we have successfully intercepted some potentially fraudulent activities which if undetected would have potentially compromised individual’s financial security. This is a worrying development and we feel it is important to inform the local Expat community who seem at particular risk.

The bank has received emails purporting to be from our customers requesting account information and transfers. The emails are sent directly to named individuals in the bank and often include information as to why funds are needed, for example…


“I would like to know my available balance in all my accounts for today and what information you will need to help process an outgoing transfer? I lost one of my family members today and I have some financial transactions to be taken care of and I need you to assist me”.

The email addresses used are the customer’s actual emails making the crime harder to detect and inferring that the customers email account has been hacked. It also seems like the fraudster is reading through emails so that they can imitate the potential victim better.

Thankfully at Near East Bank we have robust systems in place to intercept such fraud but it is a concern to us that there seems to be a rise in email accounts being hacked. Ebru Durdu, Head of Compliance at Near East Bank recommends that everybody who uses email to communicate with their bank should be very vigilant and review their internet and email security immediately. Whilst at Near East Bank will do all we can as a bank to combat fraud we would like the public to be on alert to these dangers too.

Microsoft have a very helpful web site in regard to these issues and lots of useful fact sheets can be found at and

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