“If the Greek side is devoted and sincere to reach a federal partnership, it should act to make it possible’’


President Derviş Eroğlu emphasised  that Turkish Cypriot side is at the negotiation  table, however the  time for Greek Cypriot  side to decide what they want has already passed and  added that  “if they are devoted and sincere  to reach  a federal partnership, they should act in that direction to  make it possible”

At the speech he gave on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the declaration of  TRNC, President Eroğlu stated that one of the happiest days of Turkish Cypriots is 15th of November 1983.

Eroğlu said that “it is our expectation mainly from  United Nations, United States,  European Union and the international community, to show  respect to both sides’ rights and to urge  the Greek  Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis to return to the negotiation  table unconditionally where everything can be talked and solved.

Letter to Kibkom Times from reader

I had an ‘incident’ yesterday (14Nov14) morning that I’ve been stewing on all night, that I think everyone should be made aware of.

As you know today is “Republic Day” here, what I didn’t know is that the day before (and I suspect the day of as well) any occasion on the north side, ‘someone’ stirs up trouble on the south side.

Yesterday morning, three of us ’60 something’ ladies were headed into Nicosia to our favourite craft store to buy quilting fabric. In the block before Starbucks, there was a mass of people on the side-walk and in the road, leaving just one lane free for traffic to pass. In my innocence, I didn’t think anything of it but as my car drew parallel with the crowd, my antenna went crazy, and at that moment, one of the men on the edge of the crowd noticed my number plate and instantly threw something at the car and started yelling. Well, we were pelted with a number of missiles, luckily nothing heavier than oranges. I sat on my horn and, luckily again, found an opening and sped up and out of the crowd.

We went only about 200 m to the next set of lights where traffic was stopped, looking in my rear mirror, I saw that there were several young men pelting down the road, yelling and throwing stuff! Again, my angels were watching out for me as the right turn arrow turned green and I was able to push my way over to that lane and speed away from the mob.

Immensely shaken as you would imagine, we continued on to the fabric store and spent a lot longer in there than I would normally :-), as there was no way I was going back out on the main road until I thought the mob had moved on!  One of the ladies in the store told us it was a demonstration against Republic Day and the schools and universities all had the day off for it! She was appalled as she had given her daughter permission to attend but “we don’t raise our kids to behave like this!” Sadly the ‘mob mentality’ was in full force, and the mindless beast was looking for any target.

I do think people here should be aware that this is a known and regular occurrence,  and everyone should be warned to avoid those days. I’m not saying they’re the only occasions when this sort of trouble occurs but I must have been living in a bubble for the last 8 1/2 years, I’ve never encountered such hooliganism …… makes you despair of any “Cyprus” solution when the rabble rouser’s can stir up mayhem any time they wish.

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