Fantasmagoric Fundraiser by Rotary for Polio Plus

Rotary International had recently asked all worldwide Rotary Clubs to organise an event as part of World Polio Day as part of their ‘world’s greatest meal’ campaign to raise money for the eradication of Polio.10731035_160226390814408_1660767929338466468_n

The Special Projects and Foundation Committee of the Liman Rotary Club , as reported by Malcolm Mitcheson , the current President of the Club, , ” rose to this challenge, and organised an event at the Dream Castle, Ozankoy. It was attended by sixty nine people, including many of our Friends of Rotary a group of supporters of Rotary Causes created this year. “10689481_160226257481088_1880249981904841384_n


In fact, Mr Mitcheson added that the evening “exceeded our expectations. ” and goes on to describe it as being “… an outstanding success. Over 2,800 TL was raised. This number will be multiplied by three with a contribution from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This takes the total impact of this function up to a contribution of 8,400 TL to Foundation Rotary PolioPlus – a great effort.”


Mitcheson stated how important and encouraging it was to have friends of members and of the Club to support these events, as it enables the Club “to be of better service to the community at large.”

dream Castle The Fairleys

The event was widely covered by the media, and it is hoped they will be equally supportive at the Year End Party night which is to take place at the Dome Hotel on December 28th.


More of the work and events of the Liman Rotary can be found on Facebook together with more photographs of the Polio Fund Raiser:


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  1. Tugrul Yegenaga says:

    Very well done,thank you for your efforts,Greetings from Adana