EXTRA: additional to the ‘Safey’ article

After writing my piece on the joint Cypriot ‘Safey’ venture, I sent this e-mail to the team:

Having read with great interest about the intercommunal venture promoting the ‘Safey’ product I am truly surprised that there are none located in the North of the Island. Surely an intercommunal product should be available to the Turkish Cypriots or have they declined the offer?

To which The Safey Team very promptly replied:

Unfortunately, since we launched ‘Safey’ earlier this year and it actually arrived in Cyprus in June we did not have enough time to place ‘Safey’ in the Northern part of the island as well for summer 2014. We have already contacted a few locations during these past six months and are also trying to find sponsors on the Northern side so that we will be ready to expand ‘Safey’ in Northern Cyprus come summer 2015.

So, look out for some on TRNC beaches next Summer – or find someone to sponsor some.

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