Eroğlu: “We have reached an agreement on the policy to be followed”


President Derviş Eroğlu stated that they have reached an agreement with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on the strategy to be followed and within this framework, Turkey’s exploration vessel will not be withdrawn and actions will be on the basis that Turkish Cypriots  also have the right on  the wealth of the Island.

Eroğlu evaluated his meeting which continued more than one hour with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and said that the meeting  was very  meaningful  as it took place after the meeting between Erdoğan and the US Vice President Joe Biden.

Adding that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan briefed him about what they have discussed regarding Cyprus with Biden, Eroğlu said that Erdoğan told him that USA is making evaluations whether it is possible for the Greek Cypriot Administration to return to the negotiation table or not.  They were to call Anastasiades to  ask him to return to the negotiation table.

Eroğlu also said “ If the Greek Cypriots claim on having all the rights  for natural resources themselves  unilaterally, the Turkish Cypriot side together with  motherland Turkey will take the necessary steps without hesitation”. Eroğlu made a call to the Greek Cypriot Administration to return to the table without putting forth preconditions and stressed that this is the hope of both TRNC and Turkey.

Expressing that Britain’s Minister for Europe David Lidington’s visit to  the Island coincided with Eide’s visit , Eroğlu said  this could prove  positive and he expected the British minister to express UK’s views  to both sides and especially to the Greek Cypriot side who left the negotiation table.


Rights of Turkish Cypriot side cannot be connected with  a solution

Turkish Cypriot Negotiator Ergün Olgun said that there are three options  regarding the Greek Cypriot  suspended negotiations. Olgun stated that the first option is the continuation of the existing deadlock, second one is,  suspension of  the activities of both sides simultaneously and without  losing  reputation and the last one is accepting the proposal of Turkish Cypriot side and forming a committee on hydrocarbons.


Stating that the first option is a situation created by the Greek Cypriot side, Olgun pointed out that in the second option, the sides can solve the problem after  stopping their activities and by focusing on the negotiation process which would  include the hydrocarbon  issue. Stating that the proposal made in  2011 by the  Turkish Cypriot side about constituting a committee  on hydrocarbons has a justified basis, Olgun added: “ It was referred in the joint statement that one side cannot impose authority over the other. We were the holder of these rights before the joint statement, so these are included in the joint statement. They cannot disfranchise us from our rights. When we tolerate this, it would mean we  accept their legitimacy –which  is impossible”. (Turkish Cypriot daily Kıbrıs)



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