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When you meet someone for the first time, the first few minutes have a great influence on how we perceive that person. We only get one chance to make the right impression. The warm and colourful persona of Mo Davies hit me like a breath of fresh air the instant we met and shook hands. Her short hair tinted mauve, her large earrings and warm smile announce her presence in the room. My recent meeting with Mo was in regards to the “Heart N Art” art exhibition that she is holding at the Black Olive Cafe in Alsancak.Can and Mo

When Mo speaks her accent tells you that she is from Australia, and she has in fact lived in various locations in the vast continent for forty years. However Mo is originally from England, so she can be classed as a real “pommie”. She left the UK as a teenager, hoping to spend some time abroad before returning home. Whilst Australia was thriving at the time (no need to specify the date) things in the UK weren’t so promising. Mo’s mother advised her, in her letters, to stay in Australia, and stay she did. About three years ago Mo and her husband Brian decided to move to Europe to be closer to the UK, where Brian’s children live. They had tried living there briefly but couldn’t settle. In the past Brian had always raved about Cyprus, having lived here as child whilst his father served in the armed forces; so they eventually thought of giving Cyprus a go. They fell in love with the north of the island, and have been happy living on a slightly smaller island than Australia ever since!

Mo explains that she was never really into art in her youth, but today it is her life, her passion. What is unusual is that she has mastered the Internet and has learnt how to include special computer programmes and applications in her art work. On the official poster promoting her forthcoming exhibition her art is described as “digital abstract art, mandala art, acrylic art, photography and vision board art”. Mo finds her work both liberating and therapeutic. Mandala art in particular uses geometrical shapes (squares and circles) that are said to symbolise the balance of the universe. Whilst making a piece of mandala art the artist often meditates and goes into a trance.Mo

Mo’s abstract pieces are often influenced by her moods and feature striking patterns and colours. She enjoys superimposing photographs into her art, and using clever computer aided techniques, can transform a simple olive tree or seaside landscape into something more beautiful. Such is her expertise in her chosen art medium that back in Australia she gave lessons to others. Mo is always keen to share her knowledge and is hoping to start tutoring here in North Cyprus, either at home or, with the kind permission of hostess Vicki Karaca, at the Black Olive Cafe.

Mo’s very first “Heart N Art” exhibition is open for one day only at the Black Olive Cafe on Saturday the 22nd of November between 4 and 7pm. The art work on display will be for sale and so popular is her work that she even takes commissions. Mo is especially proud of her tributes to pets, dead or alive; where she uses a photo of an animal and places it in the middle of a sky scene, often adding a beautiful rainbow. To see her art work you can go to her website Her online blogs not only showcase her work but also explain about the inspirations behind her art. Mo can also be reached on the number 05338472437.

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