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Key words for reunification in Cyprus are forgiveness and reconciliation

Former leader of Greek Cypriot administration Yorgo Vasiliu expressed that a solution in Cyprus should be based on ‘forgiveness and reconciliation’ and said “United Cyprus can be established by forgiving and reconciliation. The key words for reunification of the island are those mentioned above”. Vasiliu stated that the divergences between the sides at the ongoing negotiations are smaller than it is thought and added that when the leaders come up with an agreement text, both communities will vote ‘YES’ to this text in a referendum. Emphasizing “If struggle was notRead More

Political crisis in Greek-Russian relations

It has been indicated that the last book written by one of the advisors of the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis, journalist Makarios Drusiotis created political crisis in Greek-Russian relations. Greek Cypriot newspaper Simerini published the news under the headline ‘Cyprus-Russia relations are being tested’. The newspaper wrote that in his book Makarios Drusiotis tried to lay a burden on the old Soviet Union related to the coup staged against the first and only President of the Republic of Cyprus III. Makarios, and the following Turkish Peace Operation in JulyRead More

Window of opportunity can not be left open forever


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that the aim is to move the negotiation process to a simultaneous referendum process. Adding that it should be known by all that the current negotiation process can not be open ended forever, he went on to say that no one has a right to put off the international community. Erdoğan added that both sides will gain advantages if a solution is reached in Cyprus and solution will make a contribution to peace, stability and prosperity in the region. Mentioning the water supply project from Turkey toRead More

An agreement is possible if our Greek Cypriot neighbours abandon their dream for returning to pre-1974 period

In his speech made during the press conference, President Derviş Eroğlu said that it is possible to make an agreement by taking the realities of Cyprus into consideration and added “Our Greek Cypriot neighbours should abandon their dream for returning to the pre-1974 period”. Stressing that the TRNC is determined to reach a solution without delay; Eroğlu said that it is a great injustice to impose embargoes and isolations on the Turkish Cypriots in spite of their peaceful attitude. Criticizing Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiadis, Eroğlu said that Greek Cypriot leader challengedRead More