Olkan Ergüler


Just for everyone to be aware – beware the hunting season is upon us

Residents of North Cyprus are asked to note that the ‘big game hunting’ season for 2014 will be held between 2nd November until 28th December and hunters will be out in the fields only on Sundays between these dates and also a single Wednesday on the 24th December; a total of 10 days hunting. Here are maps of areas allocated for hunting and areas closed to hunting: http://www.avfed.com/av-haritalari.php The season game range is: Brown Hare (1 per hunter / day) Chukar (5 per hunter / day) Black Francolin (or 5Read More

15th Büyükkonuk eco-tourism Festival accommodates KUSKOR and SPOT

KUSKOR and SPOT’s joint forces proved well at Büyükkonuk’s 15th Eco-Festival in Iskele, North Cyprus on Sunday. SPOT (The Society for the Protection of Sea Turtles) and KUŞKOR (The Society for the Protection of Birds and Nature) attended the festival together for the first time setting up a joint stall where merchandise such as photo prints, key rings, T-shirts, posters, cuddly turtles and books were sold to fund raise for the societies both of which operate entirely through voluntary contribution. The event was also an opportunity for both organisations toRead More