Ceylan Hassan


One month, two months, three months more?

One month has already passed since I moved to this warm little island, although it’s not so warm now. As I type with my feet tucked under my bottom and a blanket wrapped around me, winter is slowly beginning to arrive in North Cyprus. Am I complaining? Certainly not! If there’s one thing I miss so much more than I thought I would is wrapping up from October on-wards. Hat, scarf, gloves, you name it and I’ve got them. But right now, they’re sitting on top of one another, nicelyRead More

Halloween Celebrations

The little black vertical line on my screen has been flashing for the past half an hour, no exaggeration and that’s all because I’ve had no idea of what to write. It’s Tuesday night right now and I’m going back and forth through topics. It seems like I’m on a merry-go-round, except this one doesn’t have anything quite merry about it. Every week I sit in front of my laptop, sometimes open a new note on my phone and begin typing away. There are times when my typing becomes soRead More

I can’t have a bath…

So you’re probably thinking I’ve turned into a walking bad smell after reading the title of my column. I can assure you that’s honestly not the case, what I mean is that they don’t really have baths here. North Cyprus may be my motherland, but unfortunately there are a lot of essentials missing and plenty they need to catch up on. Almost every summer we’ve travelled to Cyprus as a family since I can remember for the holidays. As I got older and began to go abroad on my own,Read More

I’m still a tourist…

Last Thursday at around 10.AM, my dad turned up at the office I work at. Having planned that we’d go to apply for my citizenship two days before, I knew he’d be coming at some point that day. We had all the documents that were needed except my birth certificate, or at least that’s what I thought. Little did I know what was in store, it was 11.30AM when we left the office and drove to the nearest and affordable photographers to have my photos taken. Four passport sized photosRead More

Farewell for now..

Two weeks. Two weeks that have been jam-packed of things to do, rushing around, a henna party and a wedding! I guess that’s what it means to be back home for a ‘holiday’, if that’s what you want to call it I guess. Being back home has been a kind of reality check. The reality between two very different countries, yet each of which I can feel at peace in. I’ve been able to jump on the bus and go to the nearest shopping centre. Walk for 5 minutes andRead More

Home Sweet Home?

I’m finally home. It came quicker than expected, yet the days dragged as Wednesday crawled towards me. It seemed like waiting for the last train to arrive, I was impatient and anxious to board the plane. Boarding cards and luggage checks, farewell phone calls and a change in transit made me feel as though the time would never pass. It did, of course and I’ve been back home in London a week already. Ah my sweet beloved city of rush, grey skies and continuous public transport, once again we reuniteRead More

Will you be a HeForShe?


Are you man? Or are you a woman? Whichever sex you are it honestly doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day you’re a human being. When it comes to females or makes, even being treated unequally, I have this type of fuse that takes over my thoughts and they become uncontrollable. How and why can there be mistreatment towards you or me, because of the gender we are? It’s wrong! Not only is it wrong it’s discrimination, the way I see it that it’s just as bad asRead More

Bonjour, nasilsiniz?

Before I start writing in depth, I want to you to think what it be like to love somewhere different. Somewhere you don’t know very well. Somewhere that is foreign but not to you. Somewhere you know will be the start of a new beginning and a great change in your life. Now turn it around and think the complete opposite.. It isn’t like you imagined anymore is it? When I came to Northern Cyprus almost 6 weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what would happen, how it would work andRead More

Nefes – Breath


For the last month I’ve been in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and for the last fortnight I’ve waited impatiently for Sunday night to arrive. Last Sunday 7th September to be quite exact, you must be wondering why? Especially if I’m down to be working the next day. I’ll tell you. My reason for waiting so impatiently, was all down to a music event being held. A concert, you’re probably thinking ‘oh is that all?’  Well that’s just it, it isn’t. This concert was extra special, because it wasRead More