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The Green Line

The Green Line

The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone



UNFICYP has new commander – and for the first time it is a woman

On 1st August 2014 UNFICYP released this announcement to the media: ‘Major General Kristin Lund today officially assumed her duties as Force Commander of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Cyprus where the top UN official, Lisa Buttenheim, is also a woman. That UN operation is now the first in the world to have a dual female leadership.’

Major Kristin

In the UN Protected Area in Nicosia, a brief ceremony was held during which Ms. Buttenheim, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, thanked the outgoing commander, Major General Chao Liu, a Chinese national who has served from February 2011.

Post Mortem complete - results to follow

A truly canned Post Mortem took place on the 8th August, but the results cannot be heard by the general public for a while yet. Maybe some time in mid to late September.

Post Mortem

It is not that any results need to be analysed but more that they need to be edited, as wrongs have to be righted, and sound effects added to this, the tenth radio play by KADS (Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society ) and seven years on from the first one.

Spot's annual Raft Race

Ocean Breeze Bar at Karsiyaka was heaving on Sunday 10th August as the society for the Protection of Turtles held their annual Raft Against Rubbish race.
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A valuable event in Akdeniz, Ayia Irini

Following on from my article in KKT33 of March 27, 2014 that was about some legal and illegal excavations at the village of Akdeniz/Ayia Irini, I am pleased to report that there is to be an Ayia Irini (Akdeniz) International Terracotta Symposium from September 8th to 22nd.
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Burger off Cancer! - an imperative which raised cash from calories

Ever volunteered for something, thinking it is a 'doddle' to be confronted with more than you bargained for? This happened at the Burger Off Cancer event at The Corner House in Ozankoy on Sunday 10th August when part of this fund raising for Tulips event was a burger eating competition.
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