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Expats And Their Tangled International Love Lives

Why and where expats move around the world for love and marriage has been revealed by a fascinating look at visa applications.

Why and where expats move around the world for love and marriage has been revealed by a fascinating look at visa applications.

Immigration assistance firm Global Visas has analysed more than 5,000 cases they have helped over recent years to give an insight into how cross-border relationships work.

The research has uncovered some interesting facts about expat love lives and relationships:

British and American men and women have taken advantage of new same-sex marriage laws in the UK in the past year.

Older women looking for a younger man should head for Turkey, where the average bride groom is 26 years old but the average bride is 42.


Chinese brides are favoured more and more by businessmen from other countries – the reason is unclear, but could be due to a larger expat community in the country or a lack of suitable partners at home for Chinese women.

Asia Pacific brides are maintaining their popularity with husbands on lower incomes – especially those from Thailand and Vietnam.

Indians are seeking love from outside the country as marrying overseas and gaining a foreign passport is often the only way an Indian can leave the country, although the nation has a strong debate about forced marriages and wedlock to avoid immigration rules.

Sham marriages to gain visas and passports are dropping as many countries in Europe and North America have brought in new rules to outlaw the practice.


The US Immigration Service is rumoured to be readying new laws to stop green card holders from Latin America from bringing their families and loved ones with them.

Girls from Russia and Eastern European nations are flocking to online dating sites in a bid to secure a partner from the West. Global Visas warns these marriages are often loveless and short-lived.

Most countries outside the Gulf States now refuse visas for husbands with more than one wife, although some men get around the rules by ‘employing’ their wives as maids or cleaners.

Third of visa applications rejected.

“Almost a third of visa applications for marriages are rejected, which is double the number of just two years ago,” said a Global Visas spokesman.

“Most of these rejections arise from stricter immigration rules in many countries, doubts over the relationship and a lack of money.”
The firm warns international marriages are no guarantee that partners will be allowed through border controls and that many Western partners stop offering financial support to their partners when they realise immigration rules shatter their dreams of love and companionship.

Source: iExpats by Lisa Smith

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KAV Happy Bags

We all know someone who is or has been affected by Cancer and that research into the awful disease continues but it costs lots of money.

The Kav foundation have introduced a novel way of raising much needed funds in the form of Happy Bags.

These bags will be going on sale in various shops in the not too distant future and cost 10TL.

KAV Happy Bags

These little organza bags contain a variety of things with each having a meaning.

A marble for those day when you lose all of yours
A Piece of string  for when you can no longer hold it together
A Heart to remind you that somebody loves you
A Teddy Bear so you can always get a hug
A Coin so you are never broke
A Rubber so you can rub out your mistakes and start your day over
A butterfly Life is fragile, yet beautiful so spread your wings and fly
A Blue Bead (Nazarlik) to ward off evil.

Please support this campaign KAV work very hard trying to raise much needed funds. Other ways you can help would be to donate English pennies to go into the bags.

If you would like any further information then please contact

Hatice Salih Kerimgil or you can call me on: 0533 8673530

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