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On the Spot with the Karsiyaka Turtle Watch

At the end of yet another busy week for those who are 'guardians' of the turtle beach at Guzelyali at Karsiyaka, Tricia Dann, leader of the group reports that the 'busyness' has been caused through the new nests, the water pipes being laid, together with celebrations and visitors from U.K.

Under the 'Name a Nest' scheme introduced by Tricia Dann last year to enable people to feel personally connected to the project, and which is one where not only does the nest bear the name of the person who has paid a small sum for the privilege, but they get full details of the number of eggs and hatchlings at the end of the season, there were two new ones.  One was 'Natasha and Drummond' who are on holiday form Canada, and another named 'Zara' so named by Zara's grandmother who was not here, but who should be here on holiday when the nest hatches.

On schedule, the promised pipeline laying form Turkey to the shore of Karsiyaka for the salvation of the water problem in North Cyprus, has commenced with a  lot of boat activity , As Tricia Dann reports "Unfortunately now they probably won’t be finished until the end of nesting season. This won’t help our turtles who will have found another beach to nest on." Hopefully these turtles will return next year when all the work has bene finished and the water is flowing through to the reservoir.




One piece of very good news concerns Ozge Ozden-Fuller, who is the General Secretary of SPOT and married to Professor Wayne Fuller, is that this week she became Associate Professor at the Near East University.  SPOT and all those involved with the Karsiyak aTurtle Watch send congratulations to Ozge, who is pictured with Brendan Godley form Exeter University in the U.K.


Brendan Godley together with Annette Broderick who are  both Professors from Exeter University and who co-ordinate M.T.C.P. at Alagadi, visited Guzelyali Beach this week.  "In their opinion our lack of nests this season is due to all the activities with the pipeline." said Tricia, adding " The sea grass beds have been dredged and boats generators' lights put off nesting turtles. Luckily Loggerheads aren’t as fussy as Greens and should return to nest on their normal beach next season."

One final piece of news which was interesting but said is that "On Monday we found a nest, but it wasn’t a new nest, estimated at about two weeks old. When ‘Mum’ laid the nest she covered it with stones and sea grass, buried under a bank, only by chance, following new tracks did we find this nest. Unfortunately this egg broke but shows the embryo, if it wasn’t found it would have ‘cooked’ in the sea grass."

And so the challenges, delights and disappointments go on, as nesting continues and the KTW team continue the task of endeavouring to ensure maximum hatchings in due course from the beach will ensure the continuation of this endangered species.

The turtles need your help - and so do Rotaract

Saturday 12th July at 4p.m. the Rotaracts will be out in force at Alagadi Turtle Beach No 2 to give the beach a good clean up.  They are calling for everyone to join them - just bring yourself as gloves bags and water will be provided.

This is a very important beach in the life of Cyprus as it is turtle territory. Recent news has said how a restaurateur has been given permission to build a new cafe on the beach on what is supposed to be a protected area. Further enquiries are being made concerning this, and while the average member of the public can only await the results of the decisions of the authorities, they can go along and ensure the beach is in first class condition for locals, and any hatchlings which may emerge in future weeks.

Just turn up with a willing heart and some energy and help Rotaract in this great idea. As they say "our place, our planet, our responsibility.


Several of the members of the KTW are also members of Friends of SPOT and plan events to raise both awareness and funds for the work of SPOT.  There are several needs this year as money is always needed for transport costs for the students at Alagadi to enable them to get from one beach to another, and at Guzelyali, a special hut is being erected to enable the KTW to have a place for storage of their items.

Two events to which all members of the public are invited are two days which promise to be family fun, as well as spending time in the heat of the day splashing about in the water.

The first event on the 10th August will take place at Ocean Bar at Guzelyali, Karsiyaka, and will be the Raft Race Against Rubbish. This has become an established event . Full details can be seen on the adjacent poster, . There will be the Raft Races for which more teams are invited; a tug of war for which strong and enthusiastic teams or individuals are called for; fun and games for the children, sand sculptures, hopefully face painting; Special prices for food at this open air venue right on top of the sea shore. The ideal place to take the children and visitors and with many thanks to Trevor |Hughes of Dagli Insurance as they will be sponsoring the event.

The second is the annual Aqua and Turtle Fun Day when it is all about splashing about in pools and enjoying all that the water has to offer landlubbers.  This is at Lapta on the 2nd September at the Aqua Centre and will start at 10a.m. Full details later, but for now The Friends of SPOT hope this will be placed firmly on the calendar of supporters of the work of SPOT, local families and tourists

Meanwhile the KTW are continuing their task of monitoring the beaches to make sure that the nests are as safe as can be and that the number of  hatchlings will be maximised .

anyone who may be interested in learning more or becoming part of the work is invited to contact Tricia Dann on 0533 846 9563


Beach Clean

Raft Race




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