KKT North Cyprus News              Issue no. 48                                                                Thu 10th Jul 2014 

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The Green Line

The Green Line

The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone



Prophecy, mystery or coincidence?

The Christian Cultural Heritage in Turkey and Northern Cyprus came into the news recently, and accusations were made that not enough was being done in the north regarding the free practice of religious rights and freedom of beliefs and also the care, restoration and maintenance of those buildings which for decades or centuries had been used for Christian worship across the North.

Gecitkale Heart

The truth is that much has been done, but there is more, much more  that needs to be done to restore  buildings whose very walls are soaked in prayer but which have been left to fall into disrepair over the last decades for a myriad of reasons.

Bengu's passion to help others lives on through sister Burcu

A year ago the name of Bengu Shail  was spreading across Northern Cyprus as a bone marrow match was sought to save her life. Many people signed up to register for the Bone Marrow Donor list, and it was Berke Ertopaloglu of Lapta Belediye who was largely responsible for events country wide to find that donor.

Bengu and Burcu

A donor was found eventually, but in the United States of America, and Bengu, the girl with the big smile and big heart who loved life, received her potential gift of life only to have it snatched away, as other medical problems kicked in.

Foreign Minister Nami met with Fule

Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami met with the EU Commissioner Responsible for Enlargement and Neighboring Policy Stefan Fule during his contacts in Brussels.
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Problems in the air

The national airline of the Greek Cypriot controlled Republic of Cyprus [RoC], called Cyprus Airways Public Ltd. and operates as Cyprus Airways. With head offices in Nicosia, the public limited company has been operating scheduled services to destinations in Europe and the Middle East.
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Remembering One Hundred Years later

Branch Chairman of the Royal British Legion announces plans for the commemoration of the outbreak of the First World War.
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Yeşil Hat

Yesil Hat

Yesil Hat
Savasin Ortasinda Tatil


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