KKT North Cyprus News              Issue no. 47                                                                Thu 3rd Jul 2014 

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The Green Line

The Green Line

The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone



Restoration work on St Andrews in the Karpaz to start at last

For some years there has been total disagreement between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots with regard to the repair needs of the sadly neglected St Andrew’s Monastery on the Kapaz peninsula.

Signing of Restoration project
Signing of the joint venture by Greek and Turkish Cypriot contractors for the
restoration of Apostolos Andreas Monastery with UNDP-PFF & UNDP-P

Now we hear from various sources that the restoration of the monastery is to begin in September of this year. The Archbishop said, after meeting Turkish Cypriot Mufti Talip Atalay in Klas Gierow, the Swedish Ambassador’s residence: “Our goal is the restoration of all of our churches as we also wish for the restoration of all the mosques in Cyprus.”

Is this a good time to buy in the TRNC?

This question has been posed twice to me only this week, as people who fall in love with the island look to moving here in the future, and investing in their ideal property before they make a more permanent or longer move to the island that seems to offer everything of their dreams for retirement. 


Many of these people have already fallen in love with eachother and celebrate their weddings and anniversaries here, so the idea of a property and a life here is the icing on the cake of their relationships. 

CTA presented a major threat to the Turkish economy! 

At last, the truth is out about the collapse of our national airline, KTHY/CTA some four years ago! The cause wasn’t incompetence, over-staffing, nepotism or the fact that because of these factors it was a loss-making organisation. 
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Remembering Bengu Shail

Bengu's beautiful smile adorned t-shirts that were worn island-wide when an attempt was made to find a matching bone marrow donor for this London Cypriot. Berke Ertopaloglu of Lapta Belediye, the man chiefly responsible for the Lapta Tourism Festival, arranged many events to try to find a donor in Cyprus, even hoping that he himself might be the 'saviour' for Bengu.
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Being a Child should not hurt

The SOS Children's Village in Northern Cyprus has launched an appeal for donations during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
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Yeşil Hat

Yesil Hat

Yesil Hat
Savasin Ortasinda Tatil


Karton Kapak Basımın

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