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LifE in the TRNC

Art Sans Frontieres art expo

The following is a link to the video of the Art Sans Frontieres art expo that took place at Bellapais Abbey on the 17th of April 2014.

For those of you who were able to attend and those who couldn't, you will enjoy watching this video.


“Education in Conflict – Conflict in Education


The AHDR’s  “Education in Conflict – Conflict in Education” international conference  held at the H4C from 29th – 30th March 2014, provided  a platform for the discussion of  examples, ideas and practices on how education and educational projects could help societies dealing with conflict, move beyond the vicious circle of violence (of all types). Hosting scholars from different sociopolitical settings, such as Israel/ Palestine, Northern Ireland, the Balkans,  India/ Pakistan, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Middle East and, of course, Cyprus, the conference provided an invaluable opportunity to Cypriot academics and educator’s.  In the AHDR's effort to bridge the gap between theory and practice, the conference combined theoretical discussions by international experts in the field with workshops specifically designed for educators and practitioners. Over 70 participants from across Cyprus participated in the conference. If you were not able to participate or would like to benefit further from your participation you can now watch the conference proceeding in below video:

Greenwich Estates

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