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The Green Line

The Green Line

The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone



“Turkish visa laws”

Last week’s “Kibkom Times” contained a news article stating that Greek-Cypriots holding RoC (Republic of Cyprus) passports will no longer be able to visit Turkey, either on business or pleasure.  The Greek-Cypriot Foreign Ministry blames the nasty bully-boys in the Turkish Ministry of the Interior for-introducing an e-visa application system that doesn’t recognise the existence of the RoC.


Now, a couple of thousand Greek-Cypriots are trying to stir up trouble and make political capital!  Indeed, this is a needless and provocative action, especially as currently there are supposedly many peaceful political moves and negotiations going on in the current “settlement” talks.

New Banking Laws could mean you losing your U.K. bank account - Warns Erkin Salih

Erkin Salih, one of the few Turkish Cypriots standing for election for the forthcoming M.E.P voting on the 25th May.


He is concerned that those eligible to vote who are resident in the North, should exercise that right, particularly if the current negotiations result in North Cyprus being well and truly in the E.U. and having to use the Euros as currency.

“Substantial issues will be discussed on 6 May”

President Derviş Eroğlu said that substantial issues will be discussed during the negotiations which will start on 6 May but the issue of territory, especially chapters of map and figures will be brought to the negotiation table after reaching a settlement on the other issues.
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Making North Cyprus Better (MNCB) moves and progresses

"We are a bridge!" says Malcolm Mitcheson, one of the people who make up what is known as Making North Cyprus Better movement. The movement was launched at a Press Conference four years ago, since when it has been slowly fulfilling its aims and improving life for many of the ex pats who come to live out their dreams.
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Miserable in the Med?

If you are not as happy as you thought you might be living in the Med, then maybe it is because you are living in the Med.
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Yesil Hat
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