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The Green Line

The Green Line

The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone



Nami addresses British citizens

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami gave a speech during the General Council of British citizens who are living in our country. The General Council was held at Dome Hotel.

Ozdil Nami

Addressing to the General Council, FM Nami informed the British citizens living in the island about the negotiation process.

'Brits Behaving Badly'. 'Ashamed to be British'.
Just two comments on the BRS A.G.M.

Saturday the 12th April was a day that had been eagerly awaited by many as the Annual General Meeting of the British Residents Society, which had been prophesied as a meeting of potential 'turmoil and fireworks' took place.

BRS AGM 2014

Those who went expecting that, were  not disappointed, although many who had hoped for better left extremely disappointed that the prophecy had been fulfilled.

Statement from the outgoing Acting
Chairman of BRS

I am writing on behalf of the ex 2013/14 BRS Committee who wish to express their sincere thanks to all members attending the AGM on Saturday 12th April 2014.
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Kyrenia's Three Day Shopping Festival

Three days of a shopping bonanza in the centre of Kyrenia brought out the sunshine, the people, the cash, children and local dogs as well as family pets. Three very worthwhile days for shop owners, shoppers and for tourists to see how Kyrenia knows how to enjoy itself. 
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Photos of forgotten North Cyprus

On our first holiday in North Cyprus in 1994 with 35mm camera and a camcorder we were driving along the Güzelyurt to Lefke road when we saw smoke at the side of us.
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Yeşil Hat

Yesil Hat

Yesil Hat
Savasin Ortasinda Tatil


Karton Kapak Basımın



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