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The Green Line

The Green Line

The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone



“Meeting of negotiators once a week is not acceptable, this tempo should be speeded up”

Foreign Minister Nami indicated that meeting of the leaders once a month and meeting of the negotiators once a week is not sufficient for reaching an agreement in the Cyprus issue.


In a program at BRTK yesterday, Foreign Minister Nami said related to an agreement in the island: “Expectations are too much in both sides. Both peoples are ready. In spite of all these, time is still needed for the process of give-and-take.”  

Living in democracy!

Twitter is banned.
YouTube is banned.
Having a peaceful protest, that's banned too.
Even words such as 'platform','centre', 'council' and even 'academy' in regards to the Gezi protests are now to be banned!


Whatever next?! Facebook?
Well it will certainly come as no surprise should that be the case.

Anastasiades discharges Greek Cypriot Police Chief

It was stated that Greek Cypriot Police Chief Michalis Papageorgiou has been discharged from his office after the incident in which II. President Mehmet Ali Talat was attacked during a conference in Limasol by members of the far-right extremist group ELAM.
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Turkish elections power blackout culprit found

On the election night, Yıldız had said storms and heavy snow were the cause of the power outages in other cities.
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From Eastenders to MI5

Aykut Hilmi, the man who was briefly in East Enders until there was 'a storm in a Greek tea cup' and his short stay in the Square as a cafe proprietor came to an end, is now head MI 5 Agent!
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Yeşil Hat

Yesil Hat

Yesil Hat
Savasin Ortasinda Tatil


Karton Kapak Basımın


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