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The Green Line

The Green Line

The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone



Eroğlu: “We plan to conclude negotiations before 2015 with a simultaneous referendum”

TRNC President Dr. Derviş Eroğlu stated that they plan to conclude the ongoing negotiations for the solution of Cyprus problem with a simultaneous referendum to be held before 2015 and emphasized that the manner of the Greek Cypriot side is very important during this period.


The President made the following statements during a reception on Tuesday:
“We are at the warming up stage. We have not started the process of ‘give and take’ yet.

Prince Charles speaks out for the protection of birds

Headlines in a recent edition of the British tabloid 'Daily Mail' read "Stop the 'barbaric slaughter' of British songbirds

Prince Charles

Prince Charles demands in private letter to head of Army base in Cyprus" and as was explained the Prince had written to the most senior Army commander in Cyprus condemning the 'industrial scale killing' of migrating songbirds and pointed out the suffering of these birds when illegally snared in nets, and he further suggested that 'Serious organised criminals' are at the heart of the issue.

The BRS is Obligatory......

Although according to the Media also in 'turmoil' with a feeling that 'there could be trouble ahead' at the AGM.
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Rotary serves the people of Northern Cyprus

Rotary International is a global organisation which has as its slogan 'Service Before Self' and its members work to make the world in which they live a better place.
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Private Banking at Near East Bank
By Marion Stuart

Within a very short period of time in northern Cyprus it seems that a myriad of banks have opened their doors and all offering some kind of Banking Carrot that will make customers be drawn to them where their money will be safe and where they will get the best kind of deal for the use of their finances.
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Yeşil Hat

Yesil Hat

Yesil Hat
Savasin Ortasinda Tatil


Karton Kapak Basımın


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